My COMM 3160 Presentation at UNC Charlotte


Today I conducted two presentations on Social Media at UNC Charlotte! It was awesome! I enjoyed every butterfly stomach moment…lol Yes, I still get butterflies, but after a while, because I know the subject so well, it’s no longer an issue of butterflies.

I had fun — they were engaged and they received a lot of value from it. I was happy to present — would welcome the opportunity anytime!



Football w/ #MKEtoCLT

I had a fun afternoon with my new #MKEtoCLT connection watching football (Packers vs Panthers), Green Bay Packers defeated the Carolina Panthers 30-23.

I met a gentleman via Twitter @YTilt and he’s from Milwaukee too — Yaaayy…right?!! Super excited to meet someone else from Milwaukee, but the best part was …is that he was super cool 🙂 That’s always a plus, everyone that I’ve met in Charlotte via Milwaukee have all been super cool — whether it’s in person or via Twitter! It’s definitely something about this city that brings out the Crazy. Sexy. Cool…in all of us. This is a place I’ve longed to be, and now that I’m finally here and loving every moment, there are limitless possibilities.

Check out his love for the Green & Gold (some say Yellow) Cool huh?! He says @idewpr bought it 🙂

Milwaukee to Charlotte Peeps!: @704eventsdotcom |  @idewpr | @notsoplainjane2 | @Ytilt


Using #ThinkingOutsideOfJacksBox

I’ve known about this social media avenue for quite sometime. My goal is to capture this social audience as well, to rev up views for my video in my social media campaign.