Fourth Quarter: 3 Interviews in 3 Days, One Packed Week of Jobing Engagement {Wow!}

Sab aming friends for Halloween as Wanita Flintstone

BO, Sab among friends for Halloween as ‘Wanita Flintstone’ RIGHT: Urkel

Fourth Quarter jobing has started off with a blitz for a first down off the second run — and we’re at the 50 yard line.  Translated I’ve shifted my job search efforts to the Dallas/FW area and this week’s traction has been great! There must be some truth to the fourth quarter job hiring trend because this week has been bananas for me. However, my strategy efforts certainly had a lot to do with it, and I’ll share them throughout this blog using Fourth Quarter in the title.

Here are some reference points that I have used in my strategy, and I’ll touch on 1 or 2 throughout each post. If you have questions in the interim tweet me and I’ll give you my thoughts.

    • Research, Reserach, Research
    • Standing Out
    • LinkedIn Networking
    • Social Networking
    • Branding Oneself
    • Authenticity

Standing Out: I am creative by nature.. I love being who I am, and it translating into something fun, unconventional and witty. Here are a few of my creative conquests:

I once created a Google Advertisement for myself and to Jack In The Box

My bottle resume

Missing Piece Puzzle for an agency I’m interested in.

Thank You Note to GMR Marketing Exec & Thank You Note to Goodwill Industries

GMR Marketing Parody Video

My Huffington Post Tweet Content Win

Self Advertisement on My Car

And finally, when I wanted to get the attention of an employer that I was interested in… I did the novel and earth-shattering move…….. of e-mailing them right from their website. I got this idea from a young lady that I was networking with on twitter. It’s a great idea, because how often do people actually use the website as a means of communication? ..I mean really We are wired to think — Apply via their application tracking system, but why not take it a step further and send them a note on the website.

The interviews this weeks went well — I was contacted by one yesterday and turned down, but I’m okay it because it wasn’t something I was really reaching for, and I just applied and they called. The latter 2, yes I am reaching for and I still have a few prospects in the making, due to my networking acumen.

– Sab



Hi world,

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I have the one glass slipper.. Who Will It Fit?


My COMM 3160 Presentation at UNC Charlotte


Today I conducted two presentations on Social Media at UNC Charlotte! It was awesome! I enjoyed every butterfly stomach moment…lol Yes, I still get butterflies, but after a while, because I know the subject so well, it’s no longer an issue of butterflies.

I had fun — they were engaged and they received a lot of value from it. I was happy to present — would welcome the opportunity anytime!


5 Rockstar Ways to Build Your Brand and Presence on #LinkedIn


There are over 5 million LinkedIn users in the United States  — a more interesting  fact would be finding out how many are effectively penetrating  the benefits  from the social networking  site.  It’s an unverifiable fact, but because I just know, there are still a great deal of LinkedIn users that remain idle on the site, because they have no idea how to effectively use LinkedIn.

Furthermore, there are users who only post or make updates to their profiles when they actually need to find a job. We’ll just call those people  #notwinning.  The key is to cultivate those cyberspace relationships and remain active so people can remember you, not necessarily top-of-mind ‘remember you’, but the cerebral cortex ‘remember you’ and then you’ll be #winning as Charlie Sheen would say.

I’ve placed together my top 5 effective ways to become a Rockstar — and all one has to do it Read and Repeat:

1 Completely fill out Your LinkedIn Profile

Recruiters, prospects and your network will pay no attention to your profile if  it’s 40% done 50% done, and even 60% done.  Complete your profile, so people can take you seriously. That means completing your LinkedIn interests, skills and expertise — Make sure you keep an upbeat and positive persona throughout your summary (no one likes to read a mundane and un-inspiring profile) Make sure it’s an honest representation of you. In addition, you want the LinkedIn algorithm to find you in searches by your keywords so fill out everything.

2. Stand Out With an Unconventional (But Professional) Headline

I am honestly tired of seeing the “seeking New opportunity headline” Ugh ok already! Your headline should stand out, but not overtly. Do what best suits you, but also make it intriguing enough to make someone want to view your profile. Make it convey who you are — are you passionate or driven; you can even insert some humor if that’s your personality. The point is to make yourself stand out from the rest.

Sab LinkedIn Headline

3. Join Groups that speak to your interests

Little known fact — not only are prospects able to see what types of groups you are a part of, but your 2nd and 3rd degree connections increase when you are joining these groups — you and Joe Shmoe Executive may not have any mutual connections, but you and Joe Shmoe Executive have a Social Media Marketing, and Digital Marketing  group in common. Eureka!! Instant 2nd degree connection.

Also by joining these groups you benefit from the breadth of information that comes from the members in these groups — increasing your skills and knowledge of the field.

4. Interact within the LinkedIn Groups

Like, Comment, Post/Share, Converse — Read and REPEAT.  Like and Post articles that genuinely interest you. People begin to see you as someone who is abreast to what’s going on in the field.

When you comment and engage in conversation regarding these posts — people immediately associate you as someone who is adept in the field and therefore someone who they should be following and should connect with. Become the expert.

5. Stay Active 

Hootsuite should be one of your best friends. Why? Because you can schedule your LinkedIn posts — and now with the auto-schedule,  it will schedule your posts at the opportune (optimal) times for you.

Don’t just post on your page, make sure you post in the applicable groups with a comment or description about the post on why you decided to post it- — what you think about it  — maybe even incite a discussion among comrades.

I hope I have inspired you to become you own Rockstar on LinkedIn. I aim to have you amongst the #winning in the social media space! If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

– Sabrina

Football w/ #MKEtoCLT

I had a fun afternoon with my new #MKEtoCLT connection watching football (Packers vs Panthers), Green Bay Packers defeated the Carolina Panthers 30-23.

I met a gentleman via Twitter @YTilt and he’s from Milwaukee too — Yaaayy…right?!! Super excited to meet someone else from Milwaukee, but the best part was …is that he was super cool 🙂 That’s always a plus, everyone that I’ve met in Charlotte via Milwaukee have all been super cool — whether it’s in person or via Twitter! It’s definitely something about this city that brings out the Crazy. Sexy. Cool…in all of us. This is a place I’ve longed to be, and now that I’m finally here and loving every moment, there are limitless possibilities.

Check out his love for the Green & Gold (some say Yellow) Cool huh?! He says @idewpr bought it 🙂

Milwaukee to Charlotte Peeps!: @704eventsdotcom |  @idewpr | @notsoplainjane2 | @Ytilt