Per @Sab_1908: Some Interesting #Periscope’rs to watch!

What is Periscope?

Periscope, is a live streaming video mobile app purchased by Twitter in February of 2015, and it has been the talk of the town since its official launch on March 26. Source: To date Periscope has over 10 million users with 2 million active users — which means — if my math is correct 80% are there just consuming content! People are just watching live streams!

You can learn the Periscope ABC’s of how to use Periscope here!

sheesh — I just want to engage

You will quickly notice a lot of people on periscope teaching, sharing tips, giving branding techniques, motivating ‘scopes, inspirational ‘scopes, cooking how to’s, tutorial ‘scopes and whatever else people deem valuable content to spew — and all that is great — truly! But there has to be a balance, sometimes I’m like sheesh — I just want to engage — let’s be virtual friends and shoot the shit — Let’s chat/talk about something other than you trying to teach, inspire, motivate or provide tips on how to’s — mmmkay?

With that being said, here are 10 Periscoper’s that I have enjoyed, and have gotten value from — they have a good balance of tips, learning’s and inspirations; however, they still provide a lot of personality and they haven’t always scoped about teaching me, motivating me, branding, sales, etc.. because I can also find value in talking about life, dating, pop-culture, fashions, good book reads and watching a FUN personality!

Here we go!

Kela Walker (@kelawalker)

Kela Walker

…love her scopes! Kela Walker of is an award winning producer, among her other titles — who seems to have her finger on the happenings in the Big Apple. Kela is fun and full of personality. Kela gives makeup tips at times, she shows her followers around NYC where she resides and gives her thoughts on various events she patronizes (i.e. Dinner en Blanc). Her commentary is cackle worthy…lol Kela is not about that let me teach you something life.. all of the time — that’s just a lane she chooses not to delve in. And I appreciate it!

Tepsi (@Tepsii)


If you don’t smile within the first minute of scoping with Tepsii — there is something definitely wrong with you! Tepsii is a copy writer who is a recent transplant that emigrated from Washington, D.C. to South Africa with her family. She is such a joy to ‘scope with — her effervescent personality, rapport with her family, beautiful smile, and fun laugh is enough to reel you in. Scope with Tepsii and she’ll take you on an exploration of South Africa!

Naptural Nicole aka (@Scoprah) (NapturalNicole) aka

Scoprah_Naptural Nicole

Nicole is about her coins!! She’s an Income strategist, Blogger and Speaker. Now… a lot of Nicole’s scopes are about how you can GET MONEY! She is one of the… teach, tips, how to.. scopers; however, her authenticity and passion jumps through the screen. Not to mention her big beautiful smile.

Nicole has scoped about other things that don’t always teach you about how to do something — e.g. she did a periscope last week where she quit her 6 figure job LIVE on Periscope! BAAUUSEE!! Nicole wanted to pursue her passion of helping others MAKE MORE COINS! And we’re all about that life — so she’s definitely someone to watch!

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I’ve Landed A Role!

I’ve landed a new role in Dallas! It’s a Marketing role w/ a Real Estate Development Company in Uptown Dallas! It’s a contract/temporary position, but it’s a stepping stone — people who know me well  — know my thoughts on the new circumstance. 😉

However, I’m excited and nervous, I’ll definitely give this position my all, I’m just excited to land, enabling me to really get my bearing in Dallas — I’m excited to learn as much as I can, and apply my skills to this opportunity!

Seven Tips for a Striking Publicity Pitch

Social media has forever altered the way in which people communicate, says Gini Dietrich in her Vocus webinar, State of the Media Report 2014. People no longer wait for traditional outlets to deliver news; they find it themselves. They then visit traditional news sources to confirm the news is true.

State of the Media 2014 Newspaper

Traditional outlets have noticed the trend and are implementing digital. Many reporters use social media in much the same way that some people use police scanners: they skim social news feeds to find stories and sources. In addition, they use social media to engage with readers and to promote their work.

Here are three ways reporters have started adopting social media:

1. Research

Journalists use social media to monitor their competition and newsworthy events on a local, national and global scale. When they monitor competition, they do aim, according to Gini, to “scoop” stories. Their main priority, however, is to find interesting topics, story angles and sources.

Social Media - Research - State of the Media

2. Engagement

Journalists also use social media to engage with their readers. They don’t have to wait for op eds to know what their readers think; their readers let them know directly (sometimes vehemently) on channels like Twitter. Those interactions benefit reporters. They may hear points of contention, but they may just receive new information that builds upon the published story or leads to the writing of a new one.

Social Media Engagement - State of the Media 2014

3. Promotion

Many journalists receive compensation for increased page views, so they are deeply invested in promoting their work. Not only that, they want sources who can help with promotion. The end result isn’t merely monetary compensation; promoting the work provides journalists with more readers, potential sources and new story topics.

State of the Media Report - Pitching

By doing the following, PR professionals can use those three elements to increase their chances of having a pitch accepted:

  1. Cultivate relationships through social media. Social media will move media relations faster, but time is still required. As Gini says, “Media relations hasn’t changed. We just have different tools at our disposal.”
  2. Use email to make your pitches. Most journalists don’t want to receive pitches on social because they fear being scooped. In addition, they often prefer to have a reference archive, a thing that is difficult, if not impossible, to create on social.
  3. Make visuals a part of your pitches. Some news outlets make visuals the responsibility of their reporters, many of whom don’t have the time or the skillset to produce quality images. If you have the ability, say that you will accompany an accepted pitch with images or video.
  4. Pitch radio stations with clients who have large social followings. Radio stations have joined the digital era and are looking for ways to integrate social into their programs. If you believe radio would benefit your client, pitch radio stations. It’s a win-win for both parties.
  5. Offer research that supports or contradicts trending news. If you have a reputable source, share it in your pitch. Journalists are just as skeptical as the next person when it comes to receiving a pitch about a trending news item. They need and desire evidence.
  6. Use multimedia in your pitches. This point is similar to number three, but multimedia offers even more options. Multimedia can be used as “behind-the-scenes” content or be repurposed for other stories and online spaces.
  7. Help promote stories by sharing them with your network. If a journalist you wish to pitch writes a story with applicability to you or a client, share it. Similarly, if your pitch is accepted, share the finalized piece with your own networks and on your client’s. The journalist and your client will thank you.

Gini says the current state of the media is just the beginning. Traditional and digital will continue to merge, resulting in experimentation with digital in general and native advertising in particular. Mobile will also take on a more pivotal role and make news simultaneously local and global.

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My Favorite Super Bowl XLVIII Moments

When brands can make fun of themselves… I find it absolutely awesome, because it expresses their ability to not take themselves too seriously. @Radioshack debuted its commercial called ‘The Phone Call’ The 80′s called… they want their store back!?” The brand admits the obvious — that RadioShack’s business aesthetics have been stuck in the past past past for far too long. And they are looking to rectify the situation

Longer Version:

@JCPenny had everyone scratching their heads at the thought of its drunk #socialmedia community manager, having a little too much fun at the super bowl party with some of their incoherent tweets.

Turns out… they were in on the joke all along.  Introducing its #TweetingWithMittens hashtag. Nice one JCPenny .. you had us all snickering.

Speaking of Snicker’ing… The @SNICKERS brand decided to get in on the action

But the one brand we were hoping to top last year’s super bowl tweet was Oreo. Very smart Oreo — leave them wanting more  — and know when and bow out — and they did so, in perfect tactic.

And they did… not a single Super Bowl Tweet *bummer*

Finally..Bruno Mars Halftime Performance ROCKED!!! Proud to say that I already have his amazing album.