I Lied. For Good Reason.

liar liar

I LIED and told this guy I met,  that I was in Houston, because of a family emergency. But if he was social media astute… he would have looked at my twitter and seen that I was lying :-/ Why did I lie? Let me Explain.

Let’s just call this person V.

Last week, after work I went perusing in this cigar shop — while there I met this gentlemen. We talked and soon after I gave him my  business card, and he’d seen that I do social media marketing and public relations. First words out of his mouth “I want to work with you” … “we should work together.. I need some social media marketing.” I told him that I wasn’t committing, and he kept asking why not? In my mind… it was because we haven’t spoken about the COMPENSATION part!! I’m thinking… my first mistake was I should have asked him, what was his budget during that initial introduction. I didn’t. My mistake.

We set up a time to meet again that coming Friday to talk business.. towards the end of the meeting  he said “…well when I get a budget after this meeting with Maserati ” I left the meeting annoyed. WHY?

  • He kept name dropping (2x he said “.. My ex-wife is a DOCTOR.”)
  • He kept attesting to know a lot of people in Dallas (you shouldn’t have to tell me.. I should just see it… right?)
  • While he said he knew people.. he kept asserting himself to people that walked in… NOT ONE came up to him
  • He just assumed I would do this for free (Why? Because I’m a woman, or is it because I was nice) Would he ask his potential business partners to work for him for FREE99
  • His car was absolutely deplorable and nasty (I thought men loved their cars, and took care of the inside of them regardless of what kind of car it was) This spoke VOLUMES!!
  • He was flirting with me — instead of it being about business.  That was such a turn off!

He dropped me off at my car after we left, and on my way home I kept thinking about our conversation at the cigar bar. Why would I work for him pro bono? I’m open other pro bono opp’s… if it’s the right opportunity… this was not one of them. All I could think of was he was full of shit, and I didn’t want to work for any one whose only reciprocity was ” I know a lot of people in Dallas and I can introduce you.”

Was I wrong? Should I just give this arse a call? Why did I lie, because he set the precedent for the business relationship that made me uncomfortable, and I was just threw! And quite frankly I was insulted that he thought he could get over, because I am new to Dallas.


Social Media Engagement Ideas: From The People Who Execute Them [Crowdsourcing]

Here are some fantastic social media engagement ideas from the people who execute them everyday!





A Glimpse into Social Media: Using the Right Tools to Get the Most of Your Social Strategy

With such an overwhelming number of businesses turning to social media as a way to grow their business, it’s no wonder that there are so many tools on the market today to help you optimize and organize your social media efforts! Deciding which tools to use to help you drive your social media strategy can be complicated. A good social media strategy also means using the right tools to help you execute and measure success.

We’ve simplified the arena to show you how some of these different types of social media tools could be used together to maximize your results. Please review our attached infographic and see how social media can work for you and your business.

A glimpse into the social media cycle:

  • Create – You create relevant content then post it on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is easy to do and these accounts are all free to use. Your goal is to come up with offers or information that is useful for your audience and something that has an inherent socially sharing component. If your users like it they are more likely to share it and it grows from there.
  • Share – Once you’ve created your content, you want to share it with sites like StumbleUpon or Digg. This will help you create excitement about your brand and people that might be interested in your business will be able to discover you.
  • Manage – So now you have your content in many places. You need tools to help you manage and also to be able to understand and respond to your customers. Tools like HootSuite and Pluggio can help you plan when and how often you want your content posted. There are also tools to help you manage conversations with your audience. For this, you can use a tool such as MarketMeSuite.
  • Measure –  Since you’ve put so much effort into your strategy so far, you’ll want to analyze your efforts to see the results! Analytical tools such as TweetReach and SysoMos help you identify how far your message traveled and how you can monitor your brand across all of these social media platforms. Once you understand your metrics you’ll be able to plan better for the future!
Remember to utilize the right tools for each social media tactic!
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Is Going Viral In Social Media Easy? 5 Tips On How To Improve Your Chances To Go Viral

By Sabrina Jackson

Viral Week Images

TO-DO LIST: Pick-Up Milk from Grocer, Take Dog for Walk, Upload Video, So Can Go Viral

Is going viral as clear-cut as a household chore? Heck No!

This week seemed like it was prime with viral content; that a person would assume that it’s just as easy as an everyday household chore — put out content, and it goes viral. Stemming from the Jimmy Kimmel concocted Worst Twerk Fail EVER video, to the Guinness Wheelchair Basketball Commercial (this one made my heart melt), rounding out the Man Who Hit On His Wife, Resulting from Post-Surgery Amnesia video. And worthy a mention goes to the Church Screwing Over a Disgruntled Contractor, earning over half-a-million views and counting.

The art of going viral has moved beyond the inadvertent — to a formula, and a process. So what is the formula or process that can help your content go viral? First, you need to understand that you cannot make your content go viral, you can position your content with the following components, hoping that it will go viral.

  • How Can Joe Schmo Create Viral Content

Be present in the moment, become more observant of your surroundings and don’t think about it. The world is your theater and your cognitive subconscious will do the work. You’re the composer and when the curtain of opportunity opens, you will know. News is constant and people are naturally entertaining, when you just sit back and observe.

  • Does The Content Resonate With People?

Can people relate to the content that you are sharing, does it elicit an emotional reaction? (Is it positive, negative, humorous, appalling, enticing, does it outrage, inspire, is it controversial, entertaining, funny, salacious, or cute)

  • Keep It Short

Peoples attention spans are short. A person shouldn’t have to think about what’s going on – it should just flow. Don’t pack too much in trying to explain, you’ll dilute the impact of what you’re trying to convey

  • Is It Topical? (Optional for Optimum Virality)

Does it have immediate relevance to what’s going on in the world, current events or trends? (i.e. Meme’s of Angry Cat.. Heck Meme’s in general)

  • Make Your Content Easy to Find

Pay close attention to keywords, phrases, tags and hashtags — if you want to get discovered. Keywords drive SEO. Use the Google Keyword Planner to determine how to title or write the description of your content, for better search optimization. Use social mediums that drive momentum ( Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Tumblr, Youtube, Imgur)

Finally, if your content does go viral, prepare yourself for the internet firestorm/hurricane that will ensue. The World Wide Web can be a fun place, and it can also be a place with repercussions.

I challenge you to put on your ‘Viral Hat’, and determine what you can make go viral using the said tips. Let me know how it turns out. Have Fun!

Images from Examiner, Philly.com, EOnline.com

Sabrina Jackson is a Social Media Marketing + PR Consultant who deems her favorite dessert of ice cream a food group. Follow Sabrina @Sab_1908, engaging in conversations around her passion for community involvement, volunteerism, pr and social media.