Placing the Proverbial Foot Up My ‘Whoo-Hoo’: Networking Edition

This week was ripe with networking opportunities and they were great! I love traction. Check the tweets:

I met this contact @ the Coffee House Cafe in Dallas — it mind-as-well been Chicago to me (my suggestion) ;-); I wanted to be accommodating to my new contact. In addition, I am certainly open to exploring new venues to learn the city.

I met this contact at Paradise Bakery in Dallas — and he purposefully wanted to meet at this location. Why? Because it’s a networking, business professional mecca! So much so, that after our meeting — I stayed there and just took in the atmosphere w/ my laptop and Milwaukee friend (quite a few other Wisconsinites relocated here as well). And as soon as my Milwaukee friend walked in, someone approached him — mistaken identity.


My New Contacts STRONG TIES to Packer Nation is nostalgic

This new contact that I met was stellar — not only was he a Green Bay Packers fan, but he has STRONG ties to Packer Nation, Summerfest and Wisconsin! Great guy, and I look forward to getting to know him, and my new cultivating network here in Dallas. How I met this contact was via another contact that I met at After Work Network, after our conversation he suggested this new contact (this is how it works). My new contact suggested that I attend a job focus group — I did and it was stellar — he’s one of the break out group facilitators. The group gave me a wonderful first impression. Its structure, the friendly and helpful group members, the format in which they help you find job opportunities, and the venue was so welcoming. I’ll be back next week!

My Packers contact came to play!!

PACKERS CONTACT: “Do you have your resume?”

ME: “ahhh… No, not a tangible copy. I was hoping to just introduce myself to you, build a rapport.” “I didn’t come with the intent of asking you for a job, or asking you to place my resume in front of someone who can get me a job.”


PACKERS CONTACT: “…see that guy over there?” “…he’s was a CMO at XYZ Company, and now he’s running his own business.” “…don’t you think he’ll know someone in your field, and is also in a position to potentially place you in a role?”

ME: “ahh… yeah.”

PACKERS CONTACT: “…come on. get your business cards… I’m going to introduce you.”

ME: “ooh …okay.” GAME FACE ON

One CMO, CEO, CFO, and friendly staffers later …my business cards were gone.

My contact had introduced me to a few other people at Paradise Bakery. I had my business cards, but I didn’t come prepared to network on that level. I didn’t come prepared to network LIKE THAT! My contact certainly taught me a lesson in tactical and assertive networking, and to always be prepared. Lesson Learned


Who is The (@RealSkipBayless)? Now I Know Why I Like Watching Him Too.

ESPN First Take’s Skip Bayless

I was perusing YouTube a few month’s ago and I came upon a video of ESPN’s First Take show — I immediately enjoyed watching the television dynamic between Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. I subscribed to the Youtube channel, and I’ve been watching their show ever since. Oh, and the addition of Cari Champion, but I haven’t really taken to her yet — she’s ok. There’s nothing that I have against Champion — it’s just I like watching and listening to… let’s say a… Jemele Hill more.

Moreover, during this time, I already knew about the hysterics and sound analysis from Stephen A.; however, not Skip. Skip was a new personality for me — and I quickly took to him, and I didn’t know why. I knew he was not like any other analyst — skip was strong… he was genuine… passionate, authentic and a little long-winded…lol But I loved it.

After listening to the Podcast from His & Hers — I now understand why I was taken by Skip Bayless. You can LISTEN to the Podcast HERE.

…yeah I like football. #GOgreenbay! Here is Skip’s assessment on Aaron Rodgers … and I absolutely agree, but not the commentary about Jennings.

Football w/ #MKEtoCLT

I had a fun afternoon with my new #MKEtoCLT connection watching football (Packers vs Panthers), Green Bay Packers defeated the Carolina Panthers 30-23.

I met a gentleman via Twitter @YTilt and he’s from Milwaukee too — Yaaayy…right?!! Super excited to meet someone else from Milwaukee, but the best part was …is that he was super cool 🙂 That’s always a plus, everyone that I’ve met in Charlotte via Milwaukee have all been super cool — whether it’s in person or via Twitter! It’s definitely something about this city that brings out the Crazy. Sexy. Cool…in all of us. This is a place I’ve longed to be, and now that I’m finally here and loving every moment, there are limitless possibilities.

Check out his love for the Green & Gold (some say Yellow) Cool huh?! He says @idewpr bought it 🙂

Milwaukee to Charlotte Peeps!: @704eventsdotcom |  @idewpr | @notsoplainjane2 | @Ytilt


Ladies & Gentlemen It’s Football Season …Ooohh that’s CUTE!

Ladies this blog post is for you 🙂

…I am by no means a hardcore football fan, however I do enjoy watching the game with people who are fans, and I enjoy partaking in the frustrations and celebratory that come with football. My father and I watched a lot of Packer Football games last season together, and my liking for the game definitely grew. One of my father’s many proud moments was coming and watching me play in my flag football league ….yes, I played two seasons of flag football to learn and appreciate the game more, and to also get some exercise. It was so much fun! I quit after I got hurt, but it’s a great game to channel your frustrations. I’m just saying…lol

Ladies if you want to impress that significant other this football season, try sprucing up your outfit with Victoria’s Secret PINK NFL Collection. They have some apparel that will make you feel and look super cute during football season, and hey ladies, it just might make that man of yours proud and happy that you’ve taken an interest in the game; even if you really aren’t. — Which team to choose? Preferably the team you like, but if you don’t have a favorite team, just choose his favorite team.

Now depending on what city you reside in, your VS will only carry home team apparel. (i.e. I’m currently in Charlotte, NC — therefore they are only going to sell Carolina Panther NFL Apparel) So if you’re in a city where your favorite team isn’t, then you can certainly order them on-line. The unfortunate part is EVERYTHING in the store isn’t on-line. How do I know? Well, because I seen this cute — what looked like a white basketball/NFL Carolina Panther jersey in the store, I looked it up on-line, and it wasn’t there. I figured that most stores carry the same apparel. So I called my father back in Wisconsin, asked him to pick me up a few VS NFL Packer items I placed in hold in Wisconsin. I tried the Carolina Panthers items on here to see which sizes looked better…small & xsmall please…lol — This week Sabrina will have her cute little Victoria’s Secret NFL Packer apparel mailed, courtesy of her awesome father (who drove with me to Charlotte by the way…thanks dad!!). I’m so excited, I can’t wait to find a Packer bar in Charlotte, otherwise I’ll find some popular sports bar here. Packer fans are the absolute best. #GoPackGo #SuperBowlXLVChamps

– Sab