Fuck It…

Instagram: JasFly

Instagram: JasFly


I received a few rejections from my job search… literally a few. One on Saturday via (auto-bullshit) and another today. But to balance it out… I had another job interview this morning, and I’m still awaiting to hear back from two others! Yaayy!

I’m back on the job search grind. Why? Well, my job with the previous employer did some major budget cuts and I was a part of that budget cut — ouch! Sucks. I Had my Pity Party. I AM NOT MY SITUATION. So, here I am again. Back with a vengeance! I still remain positive and optimistic about it all, because I truly believe that what you put out into the universe WILL come to fruition. Read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or watch it on Netflix.

I will get that job. I will be happy in my career. Sometimes I need a little help — with accountability. I have one accountability partner. I’m trying to be that for my friend David, but he a lot dejected. And I understand. But you have to push forward. I have to push forward.

So…. Will you help me stay accountable? Thank you in advance 🙂

– Sab

p.s. how was your fourth of july weekend?


{all the more reason to try}


In fact, when you are fearful or scared it is because you actually have no evidence that you can or can’t do it, which is all the more reason to try. It is natural to feel apprehension as you have no proof that you will succeed, but the good news is, you have no proof that you won’t either. If indeed we desire to take that leap of faith and work toward a dream that others may not grasp yet or pursue a life change that breaks the mold, we are fearful partially because we are excited about the change it will bring, and fearful that we won’t be able to make it happen. In this case, so long as you believe more resolutely that you can rather than you can’t, you will be successful.

– Shannon Ables, The Difference Between Being Scared and Having Doubts

Appeared at All the Many Layers

…I’m scared, because I usually have a set plan for myself — and I have a plan; however, the evidence of success in that plan is not visible, but when is ever it actually visible for someone? I’ve made a decision to do something about my unhappy state. I am mentally checked out of the current status and looking forward to my next venture, but I am so scared. I’m still the same quirky, poised and charismatic Sabrina within my unhappy state, but I will have to push through and conjure more of the courage to lose sight of the shore — to discover the new oceans. Tweet This Quote There’s so much beauty to be seen. …SO LIVE. – Sab


1 – Confess. Declare your wildest dreams and your scariest nightmares. Admit what you’re ashamed of and what keeps you up at night. Talk about it, write about it; turn the emotion into creation. Get naked and do it often. Feel the sun warm your skin.

2 – Try something new. Don’t ignore your longings or play hard to get. Be a curiosity whore. If you like it, give it a chance. Say yes to yourself. Be easy. Give it up. If it’s good to you, if it opens you, come back for more.

3 – Be in love with something. Make love in public. Show off the stars in your eyes. Be a freaking genius at loving that thing. Love it without apology. Wholeheartedly and passionately. Write love letters and share them with the whole world. Co-create with your love thing.

4 – Disagree. With conviction, without malice, in quiet or out loud. Believe in something. Love your differences. Carve yourself out. Dance all alone, with everyone watching.

5 – Admit you don’t know. Ask simple, basic questions. Be more concerned with understanding than being cool or all knowing. Humility is brilliance.

6 – Say What You’re Really Thinking. If it needs to be said, say it. Expose the heart of the matter. Don’t let nice become more important than real. Claim the truth. Grab it by the balls.

7 – Disappoint someone. In order to be true to yourself. Make difficult decisions that teach you how to be your own advocate. Silence your shoulds and listen to your needs. Forget what you were taught. Be your own defiance.

8 – Make a mess. Make a fool of yourself, a cluster of fumbles. Fall down, get dirty, get bruised. Let the world know that you are in the game and you won’t quit.

9 – Fall apart. Have a breakdown. Cry. Feel the burn. Let it cleanse you.

10 – Stand in the spotlight. Show all your colors. Let them stare.

By GG from All The Many Layers

#5 Express Gratitude – Simple Rituals To Reach Your Potential

5. Express gratitude. Gratitude fosters happiness, which is why Mike keeps a gratitude journal. Every morning, he writes out at least five things he’s thankful for. In times of stress, he’ll pause and reflect on 10 things he’s grateful for. What are you grateful for today?

I’m grateful to have awaken this morning, I’m grateful that while I am certainly not where I want to be, I am working toward what I want — I have a plan, and that’s the important part; having that plan. Like Mike, I do keep a journal, but it’s a journal for my creativity, and journal for new words that I learn, and other progressive ideas that will aide me in my plan.

Just take a moment…. and reflect on what you are grateful for — I’ll even give you a quick and relaxing breathing exercise while you do it.

Breathe In WHILE Counting 4
HOLD Counting to 7
EXHALE Counting to 8
REPEAT REPEAT … until your mind is clear.
Source: 6 Simple Rituals to Reach Your Potential Every Day, Image: beautyseaworld.blogspot

10 Rules for Brilliant Women …and Men

Tara Sophia Mohr’s 10 Rules for Brilliant Women ( via @tarasophia )

  1. Make a pact — Promise yourself to be “in it” for the long haul, as your own supportive best friend every step of the way.
  2. Imagine it – Envision your dream; that’s the beginning of having it.
  3. Gasp – Start doing things that make you gasp for breath! Get your adrenalin flowing and learn how conquerable your fears really are.
  4. Get a thick skin – If you take risks, sometimes you’ll get a standing ovation, sometimes people will throw tomatoes. Get used to wins and losses. Work on letting go and needing to be liked — needing to be known universally as a nice person.
  5. Be an arrogant idiot – “No, please. I know you won’t” says Mohr, “because you never could, but you can afford to move more in that direction.”
  6. Question the voice that says, “I’m not ready yet.”  Your idea might not be “perfect” yet, but jump in the sandbox now and find out just how ready you are.
  7. Don’t wait for your Oscar – Don’t wait to be praised, anointed or validated. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to lead. No one is going to discover you. Well, paradoxically, they will, but only when you take the lead. Share your voice and do things that scare you.
  8. Filter advice — Most brilliant women are humble and open to guidance. Interpret feedback carefully. Test advice and evaluate the results, rather than following it wholly.
  9. Recover and restore – You’re going to be stretching out of your comfort zone, so regularly do things that make you feel safe, cozy and restored. When your tank runs low, stop, recover, restore.
  10. Let other women know they’re brilliant – Call them into greater leadership and action. Watch out for that subtle thought: “Just because I had to struggle and suffer on my way up, they should have to, too”.

       Clear a path by walking it, boldly.