#PitchMyLife: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Get More Usage From Your Wilted Week Old Valentine’s Day Florals,With Do-It-Yourself Tips!


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Get More Usage From Your Wilted Week Old Valentine’s Day Florals,With Do-It-Yourself Tips

My sister’s week old roses are a single’s nuisance, that quickly turned into my envious D-I-Y project

Dallas, TX, February 24, 2014 – Valentine’s Day consumers spend an average of $135.10; showing their love to that special someone for a day; according to the Business Insider. Roses, the traditional holiday romantic gesture — are beautiful, they permeate the room full of pleasant scents — for several days — then they die. Here are some tips on how to stretch that one day purchase; into priceless uses, beyond vases and potpourri. 



  • Rose Pedal Facial Steam (Roses have light astringent properties, making it gentle on your skin)
    • NEEDED: Handful of  Rose Pedals
    • Large Bowl
    • Hot Water, NOT Boiling
    • Large towel to tent over your head
  • Salad Sweetener

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A News Release for Media …. And Enthusiasts

via @ PRNewswire

I grew up driving an old Ford Mustang (a ’64 ½ convertible, to be exact) and simply put, I love those cars.  So any press release from Ford about the pony car is bound to get my attention.  I’m an enthusiast.

As I was scanning the wires this week, I spotted the announcement from Ford about the new designs and other innovations debuting for the Mustang, just in time for the 50th anniversary of this iconic car.

Be still my heart, they’ve  brought back the fastback. 

It. Is. So. Pretty.

While the pictures in the press release made me swoon a bit (Dear Santa, I want a pony.  I mean, pony car …) the treatment of the press release by Ford got the attention of my practical side.  It is beautifully constructed to convey key messages to journalists, and to feed the interest of bloggers and enthusiasts. Tweet

Let’s break it down.

The headline, “Ford Mustang Marks 50 Years with All-New Sleek Design, Innovative Technologies and World-Class Performance,” doesn’t beat around the bush – it tells what’s to follow, and stands alone.  No subhead required.

The lead comprises three bullet points, and is built for busy journalist.  It cuts straight to the key messages in the press release, and the bullet point treatment surfaces those messages easily for readers who are quickly scanning the copy.

And then there are the pictures, which had a galvanizing effect on this enthusiast.  These are not staid PR shots.  The stills treat the Mustang like a piece of sculpture, a nice juxtaposition to the picture of the car on the road, in which you can almost hear the growl of the 420-horse V8 (at least I can.)

One message, multiple audiences 

I thought the treatment of the quote and descriptions in the release were particularly deft.  It’s here that the company’s ability to balance delivering information to news media and juicy tidbits to the blogger and enthusiast crowd are on display.

As the reader works their way through the release, the tone changes from stringently factual to more descriptive and relatable.  Journalists working on deadline can easily find the facts and stats they need toward the top of the page.  After that, the company is speaking to the driver.

One question I get a lot is whether it’s a good idea to create multiple versions of a press release for different audiences.  With very, very few exceptions, my answer has always been “No.”   I advise the approach Ford has taken – write the press release with your primary goal in mind, and then cater to any secondary goals later in the message.  This release is about the media first, and the driver second, and it delivers the goods for both.

Distribution is still important to reach media, and your publics

A representative from another US car company told me about some unexpected results they garnered from a couple multimedia press releases they issued via PR Newswire at the beginning of this year, to support two important new models at the North American International Auto Show.   The company had booked dozens of interviews via a satellite media tour, but they also packaged MP4 video of the new models in the multimedia press releases.  Numerous media outlets picked up and ran that video, delivering extra value for the company.

“With the MNR we gained exposure to a rather large audience, and it was a separate audience,” our contact (who asked to remain anonymous) told us.  “Our message reached new people from viral pick up and viewer sharing. We were looking for additional eyeballs, and that’s where we succeeded with the MNR.”

Even as organizations build media relationships and cultivate social followings, distribution of messages beyond those groups is necessary, in order to continually build new audiences and earn media (and attention) for brand messages.

Press releases – and newswire services – are still important tools in the communicator’s arsenal.  That said, they both work better when the organizations issuing press releases make a point of developing the sort of interesting, visual and interactive content audiences appreciate today.  I’ve written an ebook detailing new approaches to press releases that are generating results, and it includes real-life examples and tips.  Here’s the link: New School PR Tactics  .

So kudos to the Ford team this week, on creating a message that resonates with professional media as well as Mustang fans.  (And thanks for bringing back the fastback!)

Write Press Releases That Actually Get Noticed

Netbook Laptop Computer Woman on Phone at Cafe FBN


No. 1: Skip the Fluff

From Tom Cannon of BungoBox

When drafting a press release, think like a reporter. A reporter will read the headline and the first few sentences; if it doesn’t capture him in the first few seconds, it gets deleted. So get to the point right away by keeping it short and easy to read. Make your headline irresistible, and write like a reporter by using relevant statistics and interesting, timely factoids to tell your story.

No. 2: Tie in Current Events

From Richard Lorenzen of Fifth Avenue Brands

One of the most effective ways to increase your media pickups is to enhance the newsworthiness of your story by tying it to a relevant current event. If there was recently a major research report or other piece of industry news released that relates to your niche, tie your story into those headlines and position yourself as the expert authority on the latest trends in your market.

No. 3: Add Imagery

From Aaron Schwartz of Modify Watches

Distributing press releases comes with a cost, and adding an image can increase the price by 50 percent. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and with a large flow of information going to news outlets, you need to make sure that your words are seen. If you invest the money and time into shooting the “right” image, you will receive much more engagement.

No. 4: Form Relationships, Not Pitches

From Justin Beck of PerBlue

Cultivate relationships and credibility with your press targets. This will take time and patience, but it is absolutely worth it. It’s really easy to write a press release and send it out blindly to 100 press targets. Instead, hold off. Craft a custom message to a writer who covers that topic and is interested. He will quickly recognize that you respect his time and his inbox.

No. 5: Craft a Catchy Subject Line

From Trace Cohen of Launch.it

I’ve been doing PR for tech startups for a few years now, and it’s almost entirely email-based. You have to remember that every writer, journalist and blogger gets hundreds of emails a day and only has time to skim the headers for something they’re interested in. You have about eight words to catch their eye, so make sure it’s something that relates to them. Also, don’t DO ALL CAPS.

No. 6: Talk About Real News

From David Ehrenberg of Early Growth Financial Services

A large percentage of press releases are thinly disguised attempts at self-promotion. Of course, press releases are a tool for getting your company name out there — and that’s okay — but you can offer more than just self-focused company news. A press release that somehow picks up on a trend or uncovers real news is always going to be more impactful than a superficial self-promotion.

No. 7: Be First

From Jesse Pujji of Ampush

If a big news story launches in your industry (e.g. a big platform change on Twitter, Facebook, etc.), be prepared to be one of the first to launch the news, along with your opinion, tips and advice. The media will be more interested in your piece, of course, if it’s not the same thing they’ve read from everyone else.

No. 8: Write Like a Journalist

From Doreen Bloch of Poshly Inc.

In the 24/7, nonstop news cycle of today, content outlets are looking for news to publish fast. The more journalistic your press releases, the less work the news outlet has to do to prep the news for publication. I always recommend writing your press release with a journalistic style to stand out from the crowd, making it more likely that your press will be distributed broadly.

No. 9: Remember: It’s About Them (Not You!)

From Charles Gaudet of Predictable Profits

Unless you’ve got that buzz factor that everyone wants to know about (like a new iPhone release), your readers want to know how your press release can benefit them. Providing people with helpful tips, know-hows or advice on how to benefit from a current event is one way to make your press release engaging and relevant.

No. 10: Make It Plagiarism-Worthy

From Manpreet Singh of Seva Call

The textbook press release provides the bare facts that journalists/bloggers need, but the occasional added pun or beautifully rendered quote or insight will increase interest, get their creative juices flowing and help them market your product. So have some fun, add a little pizazz and give them something to plagiarize.

Source: FOXBusiness Small Business Center

Dear Milwaukee and the entire State of Wisc.,

You deserve the Miss Unfortunate Congeniality Award for 2010/2011 — you’ve been in the news all year long from Gov. Walker and his collective bargaining, to Senators leaving the State of Wisc. to prove a point, flash mob riots during the 4th of July weekend, ransacking gas stations, Wisc. State Fair Riots, to a Pregnant Mother of 7 being gunned down in front of her son.

I attended a networking event yesterday afternoon at Villa Antonio for Charlotte Networking Professionals, and would you believe it…I met a gentleman from Wauwatosa, Wisc ( a suburb of Milwaukee) …that’s actually where I moved from! 😀  — his name was Adam, an engaged financial adviser in Charlotte. Anyhow said he planned in taking his finance to the Wisc. State Fair in a few days. A guy from across the table interposed his sentiments about the State Fair Riots that he had been hearing about via the polarizing media. Therefore, being the second Milwaukeeian at the table I had to interject because I can’t have this entire table thinking adversely about black Milwaukee, stemming from the flash mob riots. The guy was like every other clueless person on the outside looking in. It’s so much more to it.

However I received more disconcerting news yesterday about the city I call home. This past Sunday a pregnant Milwaukee woman named Sharon Staples was gunned down in front of her 13 y/o son, because she didn’t want to give up her purse. This quickly made national headlines, riding off the coat tails of Milwaukee’s black youth terrorizing Wisconsin State Fair goers. My heart is aching for this woman, her family, and her son who witnessed his mother being brutally taken away from him forever. I can’t understand… I can’t wrap my mind around the violence surrounding a city with so much potential. I’m not going under the assumption that the robbers were Afr-American, I know they were! …per the area of town they were in, but the black-on-black violence in the city is enough for me to say I never wanted to start a family there. I never wanted to start roots in Milwaukee because this among many other reasons. The black-on-black violence is enough to drive many young progressive Afr-American’s out! Why don’t we want to see each other progress?? …and help each other move upward? Sharon was a enterprising business woman; hardly the reason why they targeted her, but nonetheless she was successful.  Drugs, teenage pregnancy, 50% MPS dropout rate, and 30-50% black male unemployment rate should be outraging enough to galvanize an entire community to DO SOMETHING!! Oratories, Call to Action Rhetoric Speeches, and Dumb Political Statements is not taking action. Open Letter Addressing the Dumb Statement. A plan should be concocted and action …actual action should be taken.

Milwaukee you embarrass me…