I’ve Landed A Role!

I’ve landed a new role in Dallas! It’s a Marketing role w/ a Real Estate Development Company in Uptown Dallas! It’s a contract/temporary position, but it’s a stepping stone — people who know me well  — know my thoughts on the new circumstance. 😉

However, I’m excited and nervous, I’ll definitely give this position my all, I’m just excited to land, enabling me to really get my bearing in Dallas — I’m excited to learn as much as I can, and apply my skills to this opportunity!


A Glimpse into Social Media: Using the Right Tools to Get the Most of Your Social Strategy

With such an overwhelming number of businesses turning to social media as a way to grow their business, it’s no wonder that there are so many tools on the market today to help you optimize and organize your social media efforts! Deciding which tools to use to help you drive your social media strategy can be complicated. A good social media strategy also means using the right tools to help you execute and measure success.

We’ve simplified the arena to show you how some of these different types of social media tools could be used together to maximize your results. Please review our attached infographic and see how social media can work for you and your business.

A glimpse into the social media cycle:

  • Create – You create relevant content then post it on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is easy to do and these accounts are all free to use. Your goal is to come up with offers or information that is useful for your audience and something that has an inherent socially sharing component. If your users like it they are more likely to share it and it grows from there.
  • Share – Once you’ve created your content, you want to share it with sites like StumbleUpon or Digg. This will help you create excitement about your brand and people that might be interested in your business will be able to discover you.
  • Manage – So now you have your content in many places. You need tools to help you manage and also to be able to understand and respond to your customers. Tools like HootSuite and Pluggio can help you plan when and how often you want your content posted. There are also tools to help you manage conversations with your audience. For this, you can use a tool such as MarketMeSuite.
  • Measure –  Since you’ve put so much effort into your strategy so far, you’ll want to analyze your efforts to see the results! Analytical tools such as TweetReach and SysoMos help you identify how far your message traveled and how you can monitor your brand across all of these social media platforms. Once you understand your metrics you’ll be able to plan better for the future!
Remember to utilize the right tools for each social media tactic!
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UN-Polished Nail Salon Promotion Makes a Mess


Polished Nail Salon of Charlotte unleashed its Social Media Marketing Freebie Promotion (June 12-26). The marketing effort from the salon quickly aborted, due to an ‘overwhelming’ response that they could not handle (Did they think only a few women would trickle in?) This flub promotion proved that the fumes from Acetone — went straight to their heads when they concocted this idea.

Polished Nail in Charlotte put together a freebie promo offering consumers free mani’s (manicures) to all whom provided the said post from the site. The freebie was supposed to be a two-week deal on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s, that abruptly ended.

Charlotte Freebie Promotion

Charlotte Freebie Promotion

Once word got out – they changed the terms of the freebie deal to email subscribers only. Offering women a free manicure is equivalent to giving stay-at-home moms a free live-in nanny. You’re going to get an amazing response!!

Freebie Renege

Freebie Renege

Its marketing efforts were gallant; however, it failed (from a Public Relations vantage) because it FAILED to PLAN practically. Social Media is like a wildfire that quickly spreads — how can a business not understand the power of social media when offering promotions? …and a freebie at that!

When they soon changed the terms and offered it to only e-mail subscribers, this perplexed me, because isn’t the point of the promotion to get new subscribers on the email list? I subscribed. And I soon unsubscribed after I saw the “We’re Done with the Promo” sign on the door!

Sign on Door
Looks like I won’t be patronizing Polished Nail Salon.

So here are some pointers for you marketing & public relations people — feel free to comment if I’ve missed anything!


Polished Nail Salon MISTAKES

  • NOT placing initial airtight terms on the on-line social media promotion
  • NOT offering a SHORTER promotion timeline (two weeks are an eternity for a good freebie)
  • NOT updating your marketing on the site or conduit site (via Scoop Charlotte) As of June 17, 2013 @ 9:47 p.m. the online promotion is still up PROMOTING the FREE manicures

PR Opportunity

  • Welcome back those prospects who tried, but weren’t able to take advantage of the promo. Offer a discount on a service to come back, for a certain amount of time. (They’re losing potential new clients and leaving a bad taste in their mouth)
  • Apologize. Apologize. Apologize. Apologize to the women who tried to patronize your establishment via the promotion. DO YOU SEE AN APOLOGY HERE?!

– Sab

UPDATED 6/17/2013:

My COMM 3160 Presentation at UNC Charlotte


Today I conducted two presentations on Social Media at UNC Charlotte! It was awesome! I enjoyed every butterfly stomach moment…lol Yes, I still get butterflies, but after a while, because I know the subject so well, it’s no longer an issue of butterflies.

I had fun — they were engaged and they received a lot of value from it. I was happy to present — would welcome the opportunity anytime!


My #YourHuffTweet via The Huffington Post Was Winning Tweet!

Can any of your Social Media Marketing connections say they were RT’d by the @HuffingtonPost?? Probably NOT! 😀

I won a #socialmedia #publicrelations contest hosted by the Huffington Post on Twitter!! I feel affirmed by the news website, as someone who loves social media and is astute in public relations — my aptitude has been proven!

So how and what did I win? Quite simple. The Hufftington Post put out a tweet asking its followers the following:

HuffingPostTweet Contest

So I decided to participate… I thought this would be fun, a great way to sharpen my skills and a chance to get RT’d by The Huffington Post. RT = Retweeted: Is a great way to show appreciation for someone’s content, it’s re-publishing something another Twitter user has written.

What makes this contest so great is The Huffington Post hardly ever RT’s anyone, and if it does; they ONLY RT their other Huffington Post aggregate sites (i.e. HuffPostBiz, HuffPostComedy etc. and editors). So that’s why I’m so excited!! They received 100’s of  entries amid their 2.6 million followers and I WON! I had the winning tweet.

HuffingPostTweet Contest (Winner)

Later that evening I checked my twitter — I saw a host of RT’s from others, acquired new followers, acquired favorites of the tweet — I was ecstatic! Feels good to know you’re really good… enough to get a shout from The Huffington Post 🙂

– Sabrina

My Winning Tweet!