10+ Black Women Teaching Us About Sex & Sensuality — Part 2

sensual black woman

In 2011 Clutch Magazine curated a fun comprehensive list of black women who were passionate about educating, sharing stories, and spreading knowledge about sex for black women.

Fast forward to 2018’ish — here’s an updated list for your pleasure …literally.

If you enjoy this list ladies — please join the community, where black women can discuss, share, ask and grow.

Enjoy ~Sab

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Online Dating: I Thought This Guy Was Singing To Me When His First Message Was “What’s your phone number?”

…and I promptly responded “7 7 7 Ninety Three Eleven” – Morris Day & The Time.

LMAO!!! I’m not joking… that’s what I said, and his response:


I’ve decided to try the on-line dating thing, and I well… I don’t have any high expectations as you can see; however, I am keeping an open-mind and staying humorous throughout.

I’m only on one site right now, yet people keep telling me to hop on POF. So far, the guys on this particular site are not as substantive as I would like. This one guy’s conservation reminded me of the Atari ‘Pong’ Game.. slow and boring as crap. He had no personality, but we were a 96% match. :-/ I told him about that, because he asked me, and he didn’t respond back…lol I wasn’t mean — I swear, but guys and their egos ugh.

Other virtual crank yankers:

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Women… We Love Attention. Especially, When….

…when we’re not intentionally seeking it out. So, there’s this guy I was introduced to a few months ago. He worked everyday.. ALL DAY (he’s a salesman) and I get it… No, actually I don’t fully understand it or get it, because he pursued me, and I assumed he wanted befriend me and feel me out. That’s how we met, he came to the house and magnificently sold us on what he was selling.

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Let’s Stay Together Love Tour Makes A Stop In Dallas! (#LSTLOVETour) However, Nooo.. I Wasn’t Reeeaaaddy (In My Kevin Hart Voice)

LSTPaulCBrunson On Monday, March 31, renowned Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson in partnership with BET, will make its stop in Dallas for the “Let’s Stay Together” Love Tour! When Paul made the tour announcement on his facebook page — I seen the post like 3-hours later — I was excited, yet hesitant to RSVP for the flow dating event in Dallas. The reason that I was hesitant, is because I am not ready to date in Dallas just yet — my feelings are that I want to be a successful single, before I can be a successful dater (my personal qualm). As a result, I began to feel as if some fairy on my shoulder was whispering in my ear “go ahead Sabrina… RSVP… you never know what God has planned for you.” So I filled out the RSVP… I pressed SUBMIT… then nothing, so I tried it again… pressing SUBMIT… nothing. Oh well.

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{all the more reason to try}


In fact, when you are fearful or scared it is because you actually have no evidence that you can or can’t do it, which is all the more reason to try. It is natural to feel apprehension as you have no proof that you will succeed, but the good news is, you have no proof that you won’t either. If indeed we desire to take that leap of faith and work toward a dream that others may not grasp yet or pursue a life change that breaks the mold, we are fearful partially because we are excited about the change it will bring, and fearful that we won’t be able to make it happen. In this case, so long as you believe more resolutely that you can rather than you can’t, you will be successful.

– Shannon Ables, The Difference Between Being Scared and Having Doubts

Appeared at All the Many Layers

…I’m scared, because I usually have a set plan for myself — and I have a plan; however, the evidence of success in that plan is not visible, but when is ever it actually visible for someone? I’ve made a decision to do something about my unhappy state. I am mentally checked out of the current status and looking forward to my next venture, but I am so scared. I’m still the same quirky, poised and charismatic Sabrina within my unhappy state, but I will have to push through and conjure more of the courage to lose sight of the shore — to discover the new oceans. Tweet This Quote There’s so much beauty to be seen. …SO LIVE. – Sab