Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club chapter in Dallas, TX!

We are proud to announce the launch of the Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club chapter in Dallas, TX! This will be our 10th BBG chapter and will be ran by organizer Sabrina Jackson. We look forward to providing the Dallas, TX ladies with an opportunity to build their sista circle and create long lasting friendships! Click here to join the Dallas group –

Beautiful Brown Girls launch in Dallas

Beautiful Brown Girls launch in Dallas

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Football w/ #MKEtoCLT

I had a fun afternoon with my new #MKEtoCLT connection watching football (Packers vs Panthers), Green Bay Packers defeated the Carolina Panthers 30-23.

I met a gentleman via Twitter @YTilt and he’s from Milwaukee too — Yaaayy…right?!! Super excited to meet someone else from Milwaukee, but the best part was …is that he was super cool 🙂 That’s always a plus, everyone that I’ve met in Charlotte via Milwaukee have all been super cool — whether it’s in person or via Twitter! It’s definitely something about this city that brings out the Crazy. Sexy. Cool…in all of us. This is a place I’ve longed to be, and now that I’m finally here and loving every moment, there are limitless possibilities.

Check out his love for the Green & Gold (some say Yellow) Cool huh?! He says @idewpr bought it 🙂

Milwaukee to Charlotte Peeps!: @704eventsdotcom |  @idewpr | @notsoplainjane2 | @Ytilt


Red, White, and feeling a little Blue

…I usually spend this time with family, and some friends, however this 4th of July it’s kind of bitter sweet. Because I’m in the city I’ve always pined over, yet my family is over 800 miles away, I’m still job prospecting, and my friends are back in Milwaukee…most assuredly they would have done SOMETHING. However… I’m still building my social friendship network in Charlotte, and while I’ve met a few good and so/so people here and there, even on twitter…I haven’t exerted myself enough socially to be close enough to some. It’s surface friendships, and I’m okay with that, I’m the new kid on the block, and it will take time. I really can’t wait to get settled, so that I can entertain folks. — It’s just a little *sigh* for me, because I wasn’t invited anywhere, and I usually am back in Milwaukee.

So today, I’m still trying to figure out what I actually plan to do besides work on stuff that I’ve committed myself to. I know it will all pay off in the end…it has to have an expiration date (sands church service yesterday). I know I’m going to get THAT JOB, and I’m going to be happy with it, because God is setting me up for something great…I just know it!

So, what I can do in the meantime is reflect on the 4th’s that have meant the most to me, and the people or person that I spent it with 🙂 Makes me smile just thinking about it …hey it helped. So if you’re reading this post…thank you, and know my heart is in the right place, because I want to spend those important moments with people that mean something to me, and I’m a little sad because I can’t right now.

Happy Independence Day 🙂


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UPDATE: …a friend and I (from Milwaukee) in Charlotte, actually tentatively set up an outing today. Yaay!! Hope she doesn’t flake.