Job Seeker Draws On #BananasforCLT (also #Bananas4clt) Thunder In Pursuit for Role

Sabrina Jackson is like many other job seekers trying to break through the clutter of competition in Charlotte, and she’s figured out exactly how to do it, by capitalizing on the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce’s (@CLTChamber) #bananasforclt Social Media Twitter campaign aimed at Chiquita CEO Fernando Aguirre (@FdoAguirreCEO) rallying to bring jobs to Charlotte.

Realizing that the hashtag(s) will be at the top of search engine results for quite some time; Sabrina’s social media acumen devised the notion to use Google AdWords to post a job advertisement for herself, using the hashtag in the title or within the ad itself. If someone Googled:  #bananasforclt or #bananas4clt , Sabrina’s Google Ad would pop-up — prompting prospects to view her resume.

Sabrina’s intention is to entice potential employers with her creativity, and to also woo a particular employer she has in mind!

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LinkedIn Etiquette #Cybercreep

You’re on LinkedIn… you’re job searching …and you’re trying to figure out the best way to position yourself to attract recruiters & new connections to your profile; on this massive social media platform of 4million professionals. So what do you do?  

Craft an appealing LinkedIn profile that will attract people… OK.

Work on your LinkedIn SEO to move to the top of the search engine results….GOOD..VERY GOOD.

Do your research to make sure you’re effectively branding yourself… GOOD JOB!

Research how others/your competition are positioning themselves, so that you can set yourself apart … GOOD NOTION.

Totally Swagger Jack Your Competition’s LinkedIn Profile because you think it will position you better …..SCREEEEAAATTCHHH!!

Wait …No that won’t be good, that’s not right, but who’s going to stop you? Well….no one, but what if the person that you are Swagger Jacking finds out? Then What? What’s the protocol for trying to steal someone’s thunder on LinkedIn? Why Do It?  It’s like you don’t have a personality to present of your own?!

Well, Blog Readers that’s just what happened to me. A young lady asked to connect with me on LinkedIn  about 3-4 weeks back. She and myself are in the same Public Relations / Communications / Community Relations / Marketing arena here in Charlotte, NC. We’re both looking for employment in the same field, so we’re both probably targeting the same companies and people….sounds harmless enough. I wasn’t intimidated as I perused and scanned her LinkedIn profile,  and I accepted the connection. I kept in mind that I needed to be on my “A Game” in every regard, since we were both in the same pool. I looked at her profile, groups, saw a few that I thought I could be interested in…. joined like two, but soon left the groups because they weren’t information engaging enough for me (I just saw the name, and it sounded like a great group) ..impulsive I know.

So now we’re connected… and just by viewing her posts in the public forum, I quickly determined that I didn’t find a lot of value in her postings. But she was an interesting connection. Soon after, I began to take notice that she would view my profile more often (on LinkedIn you can see who looks at your profile unless they are anonymous). It quickly turned into every other day, and sometimes everyday…and I would tell my friends from back home, and my friend in Charlotte about this #cybercreep that keeps looking for something on my LinkedIn profile. My friends and I laughed it off initially, and said just watch her, she’s trying to steal your….whatever it is…I’m like how do I watch her on LinkedIn?!

TO CLARIFY: I DON’T have any qualms with people viewing my profile AT ALL…that’s what you’re supposed to do, I do it…however every other day, a few times everyday, then you began to wonder why, and what are they doing? I soon noticed that her LinkedIn connections increased very quickly, and she and I had more “In Common” Connections ….you can figure that out.  However she kept on viewing my LinkedIn profile.  I’m thinking: OK GIRL /LADY NOW YOU ARE CREEPING ME OUT!

So I finally decided to view her LinkedIn profile, because I hadn’t viewed it since our initial connection…and I was just floored. This girl has totally stolen my style!! I remember initially reading her summary when we first connected. And now I found it eerily odd  how similar our LinkedIn summaries were. #CREEPY  I get it…you’re job searching too…but you have to create a personality niche for yourself, as I did. Because what if you don’t come off as the person that you say you are “in person” ?

So now I’m mad….very annoyed…and just out right creeped out! I call my mentor here in Charlotte (who she also connected with on LinkedIn), and I asked him for his advice. Do I remove the connection? …I mean she can still see my public profile, but if I restrict my information… I’m only hurting myself. My mentor says it’s not like you guys are friends “FIRE HER!” – Donald Trump style…LMAO!!! So I said okay…if she views at it again today, I will remove the connection….SHE DID, she looked at it again. (true story) …and I just said fudge it…consider it a  compliment, I didn’t remove the connection.

Yet, instead I tweeted about it, and I got a few responses, some funny ones from people feeling my frustration. Now, knowing that she was probably looking at those tweets or my linked post about me writing a piece on LinkedIn etiquette , she must have had a conscience and seen that I was essentially talking about her “doings”, and SHE ended the LinkedIn connection, but not before she viewed my file once more…LOL!! Kind of ironic her ending the linkedin connection the day I talk about “writing a piece on linkedin etiquette” She’s probably reading this… But if she is… here’s to you: Lady, Girl, Young Lady ….I’m very observant, tech savvy, and attuned to what’s going on … I knew from the first two instances you viewed my profile, that you were going to be an annoyance. You connected with my connections, looking to bring your LinkedIn numbers up, that essentially makes you a serial connector, because you had not a hint of relationship with any of them and you tried to jack my style. NOT COOL!  Ok, so everyone doesn’t know all of their LinkedIn connections… I don’t, but I think it’s important for me to cultivate a social media relationship with them…I’m a big proponent of relationships/rapport building. I want people to KNOW who I am.

What you should have done is slowly build the relationship with me and ask for tips, made me aware that you wanted to model your profile off of mine, that would have been totally acceptable. I talked to my mentor about you, he said he didn’t know who you were, but he connected, because he seen that “I” was the mutual connection. Instead you just took it, and now you’ve burnt your bridges with me w/o even meeting me yet….we will meet, because Charlotte Black Public Relations Pros isn’t that big of a pool.

I work hard …and I think you should learn how to do that same w/o being the LinkedIn #cybercreep!

Blog Readers: I’d love to hear your thoughts!