UN-Polished Nail Salon Promotion Makes a Mess


Polished Nail Salon of Charlotte unleashed its Social Media Marketing Freebie Promotion (June 12-26). The marketing effort from the salon quickly aborted, due to an ‘overwhelming’ response that they could not handle (Did they think only a few women would trickle in?) This flub promotion proved that the fumes from Acetone — went straight to their heads when they concocted this idea.

Polished Nail in Charlotte put together a freebie promo offering consumers free mani’s (manicures) to all whom provided the said post from the site. The freebie was supposed to be a two-week deal on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s, that abruptly ended.

Charlotte Freebie Promotion

Charlotte Freebie Promotion

Once word got out – they changed the terms of the freebie deal to email subscribers only. Offering women a free manicure is equivalent to giving stay-at-home moms a free live-in nanny. You’re going to get an amazing response!!

Freebie Renege

Freebie Renege

Its marketing efforts were gallant; however, it failed (from a Public Relations vantage) because it FAILED to PLAN practically. Social Media is like a wildfire that quickly spreads — how can a business not understand the power of social media when offering promotions? …and a freebie at that!

When they soon changed the terms and offered it to only e-mail subscribers, this perplexed me, because isn’t the point of the promotion to get new subscribers on the email list? I subscribed. And I soon unsubscribed after I saw the “We’re Done with the Promo” sign on the door!

Sign on Door
Looks like I won’t be patronizing Polished Nail Salon.

So here are some pointers for you marketing & public relations people — feel free to comment if I’ve missed anything!


Polished Nail Salon MISTAKES

  • NOT placing initial airtight terms on the on-line social media promotion
  • NOT offering a SHORTER promotion timeline (two weeks are an eternity for a good freebie)
  • NOT updating your marketing on the site or conduit site (via Scoop Charlotte) As of June 17, 2013 @ 9:47 p.m. the online promotion is still up PROMOTING the FREE manicures

PR Opportunity

  • Welcome back those prospects who tried, but weren’t able to take advantage of the promo. Offer a discount on a service to come back, for a certain amount of time. (They’re losing potential new clients and leaving a bad taste in their mouth)
  • Apologize. Apologize. Apologize. Apologize to the women who tried to patronize your establishment via the promotion. DO YOU SEE AN APOLOGY HERE?!

– Sab

UPDATED 6/17/2013:


My COMM 3160 Presentation at UNC Charlotte


Today I conducted two presentations on Social Media at UNC Charlotte! It was awesome! I enjoyed every butterfly stomach moment…lol Yes, I still get butterflies, but after a while, because I know the subject so well, it’s no longer an issue of butterflies.

I had fun — they were engaged and they received a lot of value from it. I was happy to present — would welcome the opportunity anytime!


This Is What I Think of GMR Marketing!

🙂 ..this may or may not imply ever since I was a baby GMR has been on my mind….lol

Noire/Noir Resources of Charlotte #DNC2012

Photo by Jon Strayhorn/Media Arts Collective

Charlotte is indeed a social media savvy town and with the Democratic National Convention coming next week  — social media will be the front row seat to what is happening at the convention. The Historic South End placed together a wonderful, but not exhaustive, great, but subjective list of DNC Hashtag Resources for the thousands of people that will descend on Charlotte, in addition to the millions who will be watching around the world via social media.

Subjective definitely…lol So, I decided to place together a list of resources for Black Charlotte. But please also check out Historic South End’s list because they did a great job placing these resources together. If I missed or need to add something, let me know! This is not exhaustive of Black Charlotte.

– Sabrina

Media Persons @hollidayink  @mcurtisnc3  @Shawnnell_Brown  @BrigidaMack  @Called2Connect  @adeltagirl  @ericfraz  @emieneWrites   @dedrickrussell    @richardwcnc  @mediaartscollec and/or @jonlj  @MissMichaela_D  @AprilBethea  @sonjaganttwcnc  @A_Dot98   @NoLeezy  @ProducerToya   @CarltonHargro   @TonyaJameson  @AnjanetteWCNC  @TenikkaWSOC9

Charlotte Local Black Media@WGIV   @V1019fm   @Power98FM  105.3FM (formerly 92.7fm)   @QcityMetro  @thecharpost

PR + Marketing + Social Media Pros –  @idewpr   @mizzbea2u  @Sab_1908  @jamekashamae   @honeebeegifts   @akilahluke   @angelicmusings    @ccsparkle   @bellaboca65  @tlevelpr  @y2mgmt  @ItFactorMedia

People @Tameka_Green   @TheClothier  @aishathinker  @CM_Writer   @mofochronicles  @CLTFletch   @thelibraicon   @rodgarvin   @JoeERandolph   @GeekGoddess8  @704shannon  @hveanothercosmo

Politics  @thefriendraiser  @HSHToria  @DavidHowardCLT

Soul Food Restaurants @mertscharlotte    @La’Wans   Simmons   @DeltasCharlotte

Historic South End List Snippet

#DNC2012 – “the widely used shorthand for Democratic National Convention 2012. And the main hashtag of use.”

#DNC – Democratic National Committee. The Democratic National Committee plans the Party’s quadrennial presidential nominating convention; promotes the election of Party candidates with both technical and financial support; and works with national, state, and local party organizations, elected officials, candidates, and constituencies to respond to the needs and views of the Democratic electorate and the nation

#DNCdelegate – Tag DNC Delegates will be using

#CLT and #Charlotte – most commonly used tags for Charlotte, NC

More Historic South End List