Sab ‘hearts’ her My Black Is Beautiful Ambassador Search Experience… Here’s Why!


I Auditioned To Be One Of The #MyBlackIsBeautiful (#MBIB) Ambassadors

The Procter & Gamble’s #MyBlackIsBeautiful Movement is currently on the search for 6 dynamic sistah’s who can put their best foot forward and exhibit true beauty inside and out.

I said to myself WOW… this sounds like Sabrina! So I went to the website — reviewed the questions, and began to write my answers in Google Drive.

Only problem was, when I began to enter in my answers, the text forms said 500 limit — I thought it meant 500 words, not 500 characters. Bummer. Because I spent all day writing out what I really wanted to express to them about why I would be a great one of the 6 Ambassadors.

So, my answers in their entirety BELOW! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!? WOULD YOU VOTE FOR ME?

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