I was Interviewed for the #DNC2012

… I am my own worst critic. I think some of us can be. But overall I think I did well. News Clip here. Tell me what you think!


Tweetup Participants Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Convention Planning [VIDEO]

I remember this interview! 🙂 I got interviewed by the DNCC…and at first I was reluctant to watch, because I like to be BEHIND-THE-SCENES…lol However, one of my new twitter friends @JoyCookPR pointed out that I should watch the video and I did. And guess what, Joy was right, I didn’t do too bad… I actually did pretty well.

On Monday, July 16th, the Democratic National Convention Committee hosted its first ever official convention Tweetup.  Eighteen grassroots individuals from across the region were selected from hundreds of applicants to receive a behind-the-scenes look at our convention planning. Tweetup participants attended a press conference where Convention CEO Steve Kerrigan received the keys to the Time Warner Cable Arena to begin construction to transform the facility into a world class convention hall.

Check out the tweetup here via Storify

My Democratic National Convention Tweetup thoughts [video]

Democratic National Convention Committee received the keys to Time Warner Cable Arena on Mon. July 16, 2012 Select Twitter influencers were chosen by the Dem Convention to partake in its first ever #Tweetup and were given the opportunity to share their experiences. Check them out here! Storified: http://bit.ly/OCPjdo

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#DNC2012 Tweetup for the Keys

Follow me and and or the hashtag #DNC2012 today as we will receive the keys to Time Warner Cable Arena, where the first two days of the convention will be held, and if you’d like to get the second best seat follow along. This is going to be exciting the fun!

Dinner With the President Contest

I would absolutely love to meet President Obama. The closest that I ever came is when he was running in 2008, and I attended one of his Wisconsin town hall meetings (Wisconsin is an important State to win). What if I won? …what would I say to the Commander in Chief? I whole lot, if I actually thought about it. On second thought, I wouldn’t waste my time with the President on political rhetoric – – about what he could be doing. But on third thought, that would be the opportune time! But on fourth thought….lol I have my opnions, as does the rest of the country, and this would be my moment to spend. – – On final thought, I would have a few poignant questions..LOL! It is a goal of mine to meet the President and Michelle 🙂

In addition, this is an effective fundraising strategy…people really want to sit and meet with him, and if donating an amount as diminutive as $5 – $10 can get me a meeting with the President…I’d do it! 🙂

How can you enter to win a dinner with the President? Watch the video below, and then go to https://donate.barackobama.com/Dinner