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Welcome to The Platform’s Defining Beauty, a 6 part series where women of color are given a forum to discuss ethnic beauty, natural hair, and redefining today’s beauty standards. Defining Beauty brings together beauty vloggers, natural hair mavens, and a collective voice reflecting the struggles to define, personify, and embrace their natural beauty and natural hair. These voices include many of our favorite beauty girls Taren Guy, HeyFranHey, Nik Scott, ShamelessMaya, Naptural85, and Jouelzy! From natural hair products, makeup for ethnic women, to natural hairstyle tutorials these women are leaders within a community of women re-defining beauty. While centered around ethnic beauty, Defining Beauty touches on issues and gives advice on topics facing women of all shades, shapes, and backgrounds such as body image, hairstyles, makeup, self esteem, and more. Natural beauty is multifaceted as it comes from within, and it is not solely physical. You are more than your beauty. Trust your talent, chase your dreams, and believe in yourself. Join the conversation! Source:

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40 Questions that Will Quiet Your Mind

Judge a person by their questions, rather than their answers … because asking the right questions is the answer.

In a recent ‘subscribers only’ email (subscribe here) I wrote: “Quiet your mind.  Don’t think outside the box of negativity.  Think like there is no box.”

To my surprise, over 200 people quoted this short line and responded with the same general question: “How?”

I’ve thought about it for a little while this morning, and I’ve decided that the simplest and most universal explanation I can give is this: Ask yourself better questions – questions that focus your thoughts and filter out all the nonsensical noise that’s been cluttering your mind.

The calming and healing power of a positive imagination is unleashed by constraining your focus.  Constraints drive creativity and force mindful thinking.  It may sound counterintuitive at first but, in a backwards way, you break out of the box by stepping into the right shackles.

And that’s exactly what the questions below can help you with – shackling the noise in your head by channeling your focus into meaningful thoughts.  Let these questions shift your perspective and guide you.



I Auditioned To Be One Of The #MyBlackIsBeautiful (#MBIB) Ambassadors

The Procter & Gamble’s #MyBlackIsBeautiful Movement is currently on the search for 6 dynamic sistah’s who can put their best foot forward and exhibit true beauty inside and out.

I said to myself WOW… this sounds like Sabrina! So I went to the website — reviewed the questions, and began to write my answers in Google Drive.

Only problem was, when I began to enter in my answers, the text forms said 500 limit — I thought it meant 500 words, not 500 characters. Bummer. Because I spent all day writing out what I really wanted to express to them about why I would be a great one of the 6 Ambassadors.

So, my answers in their entirety BELOW! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!? WOULD YOU VOTE FOR ME?

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The Aggressive Work Ethic of Highly Creative People via @Copyblogger

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I love this post!

Magicians. Curious bunch.

They pull furry mammals out of their hats. Levitate humans. Hide automobiles out of sight.

The great ones make a killing, jet set around the globe, and beat groupies off with a brass-tipped wand.

The not-so-great ones — the average ones — are still amazing.

To this day I don’t know how my daughter knows which card I picked out of that deck (Jack of clubs). And she’s still not telling.

Moxie killed the muse

Despite the name, though, what my daughter did — what all magicians do — isn’t magic. It’s a trick, an illusion: “something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.”

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