Not Letting Your Skills Atrophy : 5 Ways To Stay Sharp In Your Everyday #PR

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Right now, I contract as a Marketing Associate for a Real Estate Development Co. in Dallas. It’s not my targeted vocation; however, I’m learning some interesting topics, strategies and just taking everything in as a valuable learning experience. This role is a lot of project management, campaign marketing, some social media, website building, editing, etc.

But so my skills don’t atrophy for lack of use, because I’m not writing press materials, or dealing with a lot of social media etc — I read the news daily, I write daily, I engage in social media daily, any opportunity I have to assist someone in pr or social media strategy I make myself available …RIGHT.

My targeted vocation here in Dallas, is in the arena of community relations + social media marketing + communications + PR, and when those opportunities present themselves I want to be ready to take on whatever I need to do in the new role. I want to make sure that I am prepared.

Here are 5 Ways I’ve Been Able to Keep My Skills Sharp

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“It’s not just a group…It’s a lifestyle.” – Urban League Young Professionals

Urban League Young Professionals of Greater Dallas, Young Professionals In Fort Worth

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When a person relocates to a new city and they’re seeking to get acclimated to the social, cultural and civic scene — one typically searches for professional organization(s) that align with their interests. One of those organizations for me is the National Urban League Young Professionals.

ULGDYP in Ft WorthLast week Tuesday, I attended the Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals General Body meeting, and that same week I also attended its networking mixer in Fort Worth Texas @ Grace Restaurant; where I had a fabulous glass Cabernet Blend of Col Solare — they also hosted the group on a Trolley Ride of Downtown Fort Worth.

During the general body meeting, they were going around the room conducting ice-breaker-type introductions (I used to loathe doing this, until I learned the strategy behind it). They want everyone to know who’s in the room, in the event you want to network with someone regarding a job at said company, socially, or you just want to connect for whatever reason. Candice Quarles the President of the organization, implored everyone in the room to take advantage of this opportunity — I mean after-all — that’s the reason we made the decision to be there — TO CONNECT!

…I met a gentlemen from Milwaukee, Wisc. 🙂 #Awesome



3 Male Dominated Places Where Women Can Insert Themselves Opportunistically: Networking in Stiletto’s with a Men’s ‘Oxford’ Strategy

women networking among all men, women networking

Networking is a contact sport of opportunity; that if honed, can be an effective and powerful dexerity.

I experimented by inserting myself into the exclusive good ‘ol boys networking club — without being overly contrived, and still maintaining my professionally feminine prowess. Because women have to work harder, smarter and keener; to be taken seriously to be openly welcomed into MAN’dom, without being labeled as a temptress of sorts. We’re entering his world, and he’s wondering what your motives are?

Some of the best deals are made while networking, jobs have been acquired soley due to networking, amazing-balls connections have been made because of networking. Being in the right place at the right time, can be attributed to networking.

I want to share with my female readers, my experiences and tips on how to successfully penetrate the Testosterone Force field of Male Networking.

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I Lied. For Good Reason.

liar liar

I LIED and told this guy I met,  that I was in Houston, because of a family emergency. But if he was social media astute… he would have looked at my twitter and seen that I was lying :-/ Why did I lie? Let me Explain.

Let’s just call this person V.

Last week, after work I went perusing in this cigar shop — while there I met this gentlemen. We talked and soon after I gave him my  business card, and he’d seen that I do social media marketing and public relations. First words out of his mouth “I want to work with you” … “we should work together.. I need some social media marketing.” I told him that I wasn’t committing, and he kept asking why not? In my mind… it was because we haven’t spoken about the COMPENSATION part!! I’m thinking… my first mistake was I should have asked him, what was his budget during that initial introduction. I didn’t. My mistake.

We set up a time to meet again that coming Friday to talk business.. towards the end of the meeting  he said “…well when I get a budget after this meeting with Maserati ” I left the meeting annoyed. WHY?

  • He kept name dropping (2x he said “.. My ex-wife is a DOCTOR.”)
  • He kept attesting to know a lot of people in Dallas (you shouldn’t have to tell me.. I should just see it… right?)
  • While he said he knew people.. he kept asserting himself to people that walked in… NOT ONE came up to him
  • He just assumed I would do this for free (Why? Because I’m a woman, or is it because I was nice) Would he ask his potential business partners to work for him for FREE99
  • His car was absolutely deplorable and nasty (I thought men loved their cars, and took care of the inside of them regardless of what kind of car it was) This spoke VOLUMES!!
  • He was flirting with me — instead of it being about business.  That was such a turn off!

He dropped me off at my car after we left, and on my way home I kept thinking about our conversation at the cigar bar. Why would I work for him pro bono? I’m open other pro bono opp’s… if it’s the right opportunity… this was not one of them. All I could think of was he was full of shit, and I didn’t want to work for any one whose only reciprocity was ” I know a lot of people in Dallas and I can introduce you.”

Was I wrong? Should I just give this arse a call? Why did I lie, because he set the precedent for the business relationship that made me uncomfortable, and I was just threw! And quite frankly I was insulted that he thought he could get over, because I am new to Dallas.

I’ve Landed A Role!

I’ve landed a new role in Dallas! It’s a Marketing role w/ a Real Estate Development Company in Uptown Dallas! It’s a contract/temporary position, but it’s a stepping stone — people who know me well  — know my thoughts on the new circumstance. 😉

However, I’m excited and nervous, I’ll definitely give this position my all, I’m just excited to land, enabling me to really get my bearing in Dallas — I’m excited to learn as much as I can, and apply my skills to this opportunity!