10+ Black Women Teaching Us About Sex & Sensuality — Part 2

sensual black woman

In 2011 Clutch Magazine curated a fun comprehensive list of black women who were passionate about educating, sharing stories, and spreading knowledge about sex for black women.

Fast forward to 2018’ish — here’s an updated list for your pleasure …literally.

If you enjoy this list ladies — please join the community, where black women can discuss, share, ask and grow.

Enjoy ~Sab

1)  Glamazon Tyomi


Tyomi is a freelance writer, model and sex educator (Sexpert) with a deeply rooted passion for spreading the message of sex positivity and encouraging the masses to embrace their sexuality.

Her website, http://www.glamerotica101.com, reaches internationally as a source for advice and information for the sexually active/curious.

Journey with Tyomi on Instagram, Youtube & Twitter

website: http://www.sexperttyomi.com/


2) Ev’yan Namsan

goddes-circle-300x300Ev’yan’s mission is to breathe sensual light into you, to make you fully aware of your innate erotic nature, and to whisper to your soul words that’ll arouse the wild woman in you.

Journey with Ev’yan at Instagram

website: http://sexloveliberation.com/


3) Jenifer Smith (@SextherapistJen)



Sex Therapist Jenifer, MFT, MHC | Sex Expert on Hot Talk on Hot 105.1FM| Brand Ambassador for Sylk Lubricant

Journey with Jen on Instagram & Twitter



4)  Nikki Morgan – (The Punanay Poets)img_9210_-1

Nikki Morgan is a Certified Clinical Sexologist, Speaker, Educator, Healer and Experience Curator. She is the founder of The Touch Experience, a Sexual Wellness, Body & Soul care company that serves clients with interest in healing sexual traumas, empowerment through expanded self-awareness, bridging spirituality and sexuality, and quenching curiosity outside of their realm of normality.

Journey with Nikki on Instagram & Twitter

website: http://thetouchexperience.com


5) Leila Monroe

Self-professed Super Sensual Sexpert,  Lover of holistic health and the arts.

Journey with Leila on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter


6) Nerissa Irving-Olugbala

0b36f9121528c5d14b91c6c99747285cNerissa Irving-Olugbala is a wife, mother, Love Coach-SexPert, and entrepreneur, she’s a woman who cannot be defined by one title. Nerissa designed what womanhood looked like to her and created an empire around it. As she explores different aspects of femininity and sensuality, she shares with the world her discoveries. She’s created a massive platform where she provides healthier alternative options when it comes to feminine healthcare, sex health, and overall holistic wellness.

Journey with Nerissa on Instagram

website: https://yonipopping.com | nenefemhealth.com


7)  Dr. Rachael

dr-20r20headshotDr. Rachael Ross from the hit daytime show “The Doctors” — has been called the next Dr. Ruth. She provides realistic and informative sex, relationship, and medical information to audiences everywhere.

Dr. Rachael is a sexologist and board-certified Family Medicine physician who practices Functional-Family Medicine and sexology in her hometown of Gary, Indiana.

Journey with Rachel on Instagram | website: http://drrachael.com/category/sexplanations/


8)  Jessica Holter – (Founder, Punanay Poets)

JessicaHolterHeadshotJessica Holter is an Author, Poet, Mother a gifted orator (public speaker), Visual Artist, Producer and advocate for sexual health and sexual abuse recovery for women, best known for creating The Punany Poets

Journey with Jessica on Instagram & Twitter

website:  punanylove.com


9) Oloni (Dami Olonisakin)

dami-olonisakin_avatar_1439314210-200x200An Award-winning sex & relationships blogger. Oloni curates the online women’s platform Simply Oloni covering topics from relationships, sex, friendship, careers, fashion & beauty.  

Journey with Oloni on TwitterInstagram, and Youtube.com 



10)  Twanna A. HinesTwanna A. Hines

Twanna A. Hines, M.S., an award­-winning sex educator.

Her philosophy is that Sex is not inherently wrong, slutty or vulgar. That’s why she promotes judgment-free, inclusive sex education and healthy interpersonal relationships.

Journey with Twanna on Twitter & Facebook

website: http://funkybrownchick.com/about/


>>>>>>>>>>>>> BONUS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • Perle Noire


  • Makeda Voletta, CSCS

screenshot-www.instagram.com-2017-11-29-19-23-40-321Sacred Sexual Educator, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, Doula, Afro-Diasporic Dancer & Drummer, Pole Dance Instructor

Journey with Makeda on Instagram

website: TheBodyScientist.com




  • EssenceRevealed, the Bubbling Brown Sugar of Burlesque
  • Angela Yee – Lip Service 


Know additional black women educating us about sex? Have any of the above ladies enhanced your perspective on sexual empowerment? Speak on it

source: Clutch Mag

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