Per @Sab_1908: Some Interesting #Periscope’rs to watch!

What is Periscope?

Periscope, is a live streaming video mobile app purchased by Twitter in February of 2015, and it has been the talk of the town since its official launch on March 26. Source: To date Periscope has over 10 million users with 2 million active users — which means — if my math is correct 80% are there just consuming content! People are just watching live streams!

You can learn the Periscope ABC’s of how to use Periscope here!

sheesh — I just want to engage

You will quickly notice a lot of people on periscope teaching, sharing tips, giving branding techniques, motivating ‘scopes, inspirational ‘scopes, cooking how to’s, tutorial ‘scopes and whatever else people deem valuable content to spew — and all that is great — truly! But there has to be a balance, sometimes I’m like sheesh — I just want to engage — let’s be virtual friends and shoot the shit — Let’s chat/talk about something other than you trying to teach, inspire, motivate or provide tips on how to’s — mmmkay?

With that being said, here are 10 Periscoper’s that I have enjoyed, and have gotten value from — they have a good balance of tips, learning’s and inspirations; however, they still provide a lot of personality and they haven’t always scoped about teaching me, motivating me, branding, sales, etc.. because I can also find value in talking about life, dating, pop-culture, fashions, good book reads and watching a FUN personality!

Here we go!

Kela Walker (@kelawalker)

Kela Walker

…love her scopes! Kela Walker of is an award winning producer, among her other titles — who seems to have her finger on the happenings in the Big Apple. Kela is fun and full of personality. Kela gives makeup tips at times, she shows her followers around NYC where she resides and gives her thoughts on various events she patronizes (i.e. Dinner en Blanc). Her commentary is cackle worthy…lol Kela is not about that let me teach you something life.. all of the time — that’s just a lane she chooses not to delve in. And I appreciate it!

Tepsi (@Tepsii)


If you don’t smile within the first minute of scoping with Tepsii — there is something definitely wrong with you! Tepsii is a copy writer who is a recent transplant that emigrated from Washington, D.C. to South Africa with her family. She is such a joy to ‘scope with — her effervescent personality, rapport with her family, beautiful smile, and fun laugh is enough to reel you in. Scope with Tepsii and she’ll take you on an exploration of South Africa!

Naptural Nicole aka (@Scoprah) (NapturalNicole) aka

Scoprah_Naptural Nicole

Nicole is about her coins!! She’s an Income strategist, Blogger and Speaker. Now… a lot of Nicole’s scopes are about how you can GET MONEY! She is one of the… teach, tips, how to.. scopers; however, her authenticity and passion jumps through the screen. Not to mention her big beautiful smile.

Nicole has scoped about other things that don’t always teach you about how to do something — e.g. she did a periscope last week where she quit her 6 figure job LIVE on Periscope! BAAUUSEE!! Nicole wanted to pursue her passion of helping others MAKE MORE COINS! And we’re all about that life — so she’s definitely someone to watch!

Dominique (@SoChevon)


Chevon is a celebrity makeup artist based out of ATL. (I was suggested to watch her periscope by Mattie of Mattieologie, another Periscoper whom I’ve gotten some value from).

Chevon is new to periscope, but she’s already won me over with her 5-6 scopes! She did her first periscope on how to get the perfect eye brows, and I can honestly attest THIS HELPED ME!! So much, that I had to share with folks who constantly have that square brow or question mark brow!…lol

She did another scope challenging her followers to do something uncomfortable to increase your happy endorphin’s (this was fun). I like watching Chevon’s periscopes, because she’s very authentic, beautiful, humble, sweet and I look forward to watching more of her ‘scopes!

Ilesha “Co Co” Graham (@cocospeaks) on Periscope

Ilesha_co co_ graham

Helps women women walk in their purpose through faith. Her messages are always insightful and poignant. She’s a mom and wife. I enjoy her scopes because she’s not shoving religion down my throat! She introduced me to Anthony Evans.

Brian Mcknight (@ItsBMcknight) on Periscope – he sings and plays his piano – SWOON!! Socially he’s a lame ass.

Brian McKnight Periscope

His & Hers w/ Michael Smith and Jemele Hill (@HisAndHers) – They’re two African-American hosts (rare find), smart & well versed in all things pop-culture infused with everything sports — these two… know… their… sports and they’re the kind of personalities that you can have over for dinner (via your television)! I also love their podcast and television show on ESPN 2!

Chalene Johnson (@ChaleneJohnson)

Chalene Johnson

When I opt to tune into Chalene’s scopes, I learn some interesting things. I don’t always tune into hers, but if you’re into social media, fitness or marketing — she’s a fun personality to watch on periscope!

Kim Garst (@KimGarst) on Periscope

Kim Garst

If you’re wanting more social media tips and tricks — this is Kim! That’s pretty much her brand — no shade — you’ll learn tons about the digital marketing social world. I was introduced to Kim via the Social Fresh Conference in 2014 — been following her albeit virtually ever since.

Africa Miranda (@AfricaMiranda) on Periscope

Africa Miranda

Africa is an actress in NYC she’s a fun and informative ‘scoper that comes across very genuine — she’s also easy on the eye’s — she’s such a cutie-pa-tootie. Africa is very broad in her scopes, and you will learn to appreciate and deem them valuable (she’s done salon scopes, scopes, don’t be gross on the scope scopes, and an array of others) I appreciate her variety in topics.

However, I cherry pick which of Africa’s scopes I will watch, but I do that with everyone, I don’t watch everyone’s ‘scopes. I learned quickly that Africa has the periscope squirrel thing going — where she responds to a lot of comments, and does shout outs to those tuning in a little too long before getting to her content. This for some people can be off putting, and inconsiderate for those who came for the content. But we are all still learning the unspoken do’s and don’ts on periscope. And while we can still do whatever the hell we want on our own scopes — there is some level is etiquette that we should all consider when having people tune into engage with us.

OK…. that’s my 10!

People that I’ve watched and follow on Periscope that deserve a mention:

Mattie James (@Mattieologie) – Fashion Blogger (Smart, Savvy and fashionable)

Maya Elious (@MayaElious) – Design and brand strategist (Mattie’s sis… great personality)

Roland Martin (@rolandsmartin) – Host, Editor, Radio Host, Commentator, Analyst etc etc 

Brian Fanzo (@iSocialFaz) – Tech, Social Media (Social Media guru, Tech Guru)


Chalene Johnson gave some great periscope etiquette tips — if you’re looking to brand yourself:

  1. Get to the point within the 1st minute of your scope
  2. Have an agenda
  3. Tell people how long to anticipate — don’t cover too much (I’m not sure how I feel about this one)
  4. Little interaction — don’t be that periscope squirrel and take forever to get to the content on the ‘scope — unless it’s just a shoot the shit scope
  5. Recap at the end
  6. Be precise — no rambling

These are etiquette tips from the people of periscope — it’s not the periscope bible, but it’s from the horse’s mouth… YOU PERISCOPERS!

Who are some of your favorite scopes to watch? Happy Periscoping!! 

Oh yeah… check me out.. see what you think! @Sab_1908 on Periscope!

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