Not Letting Your Skills Atrophy : 5 Ways To Stay Sharp In Your Everyday #PR

death to stock

Right now, I contract as a Marketing Associate for a Real Estate Development Co. in Dallas. It’s not my targeted vocation; however, I’m learning some interesting topics, strategies and just taking everything in as a valuable learning experience. This role is a lot of project management, campaign marketing, some social media, website building, editing, etc.

But so my skills don’t atrophy for lack of use, because I’m not writing press materials, or dealing with a lot of social media etc — I read the news daily, I write daily, I engage in social media daily, any opportunity I have to assist someone in pr or social media strategy I make myself available …RIGHT.

My targeted vocation here in Dallas, is in the arena of community relations + social media marketing + communications + PR, and when those opportunities present themselves I want to be ready to take on whatever I need to do in the new role. I want to make sure that I am prepared.

Here are 5 Ways I’ve Been Able to Keep My Skills Sharp

  • I Read Daily – I naturally need to know what’s going on around me, so I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, I read the local news (Dallas Morning News among others), and I pick up the local free papers often
  • Learning My New Surroundings – I’m researching and learning this new place that I call home for now. I’m learning the neighborhoods, reading and listening to the news, taking in the scene. I have a slight ear to the political scene — just enough to know what’s going on. So when I’m out, I’m able to talk about what’s happening in the community.
  • I’m New & I’m Not Afraid To Pull This Card – It’s a conversation starter, and people are more apt to helping you learn the lay of the land and give you insight into the city. This has proven valuable for me.
  • Social Media Usage For Networking & PR – I have to walk the talk. It would behoove me as a social media marketing practitioner to utilize the very resources that I purport to be savvy at.. dah! …lol
  • Learning the Local Media – One of the first things that I did when I touched down in Dallas was create a on-going local media contact list of news stations, newspapers, twitter handles, etc. for myself. I wanted to get to know who the key players were in media, and what their beats are.



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