Online Dating: I Thought This Guy Was Singing To Me When His First Message Was “What’s your phone number?”

…and I promptly responded “7 7 7 Ninety Three Eleven” – Morris Day & The Time.

LMAO!!! I’m not joking… that’s what I said, and his response:


I’ve decided to try the on-line dating thing, and I well… I don’t have any high expectations as you can see; however, I am keeping an open-mind and staying humorous throughout.

I’m only on one site right now, yet people keep telling me to hop on POF. So far, the guys on this particular site are not as substantive as I would like. This one guy’s conservation reminded me of the Atari ‘Pong’ Game.. slow and boring as crap. He had no personality, but we were a 96% match. :-/ I told him about that, because he asked me, and he didn’t respond back…lol I wasn’t mean — I swear, but guys and their egos ugh.

Other virtual crank yankers:

One guy sent a message saying that I looked like I was good in bed”  I told him, “…since I’m the only one stickin’ it to me, I’d say we’d agree.” 😛 BOOM!

One guy sent a message: “I’m smiling and looking for the B to make a squiggly line.” I have no frikin’ clue what this meant.

Another guy, I felt comfortable enough to text him using my number.. few days later… I had to BLOCK him.

MORAL: Be careful, don’t take this too seriously, and have fun with it. If you have low self-esteem — not the place for you, because you’ll get discouraged by men and their flakiness or their superficialness. If you’re looking for beauty validation on-line, then this is NOT for you. Have confidence on your beauty and what you have to offer. But getting a message like this can surely stroke one’s ego… lol



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