Where Are The Black #Wine Enthusiasts?

wine_cheese pairingsLast week after work; to work a little bit more, I patronized a wine bar in uptown Dallas — it’s one of my favorite franchises — they have one I used to frequent in Milwaukee. I ordered a glass of Barnard Griffin Cabernet-Merlot — it’s a red blend Washington State wine — and it was fabulous! I paired it with the Euro Trip Cheese Plate.

WHY? “Beguiling nose of vanilla spice, dried fruit, herb and raspberry candy. Straightforward plum, cherry and orange fruit on the palate.”

The texture was so robust and pleasing. When I tell you that Washington State wines are the absolute best! It’s all about the quality of soil in where the grapes are grown, and because it rains a lot in that region — you can see why its dirt is so rich!


Unfortunately, I was the only black person there, until this sista’ with a backpack walked in — perused around — and then went outside — awaiting the wine server. I was so pleased to see her there — that I felt compelled to go outside; introduce myself, and just chat about the one thing that we had in common. I didn’t 😦  But I wonder what she got.

wine_cheese pairing

Euro Trip Cheese Plate

Soon after another sista’ walked in looking for her girlfriend, which was a young asian woman. And in that moment, it got me to thinking, Where are the black wine enthusiasts?! They have to be out there… right?

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