3 Male Dominated Places Where Women Can Insert Themselves Opportunistically: Networking in Stiletto’s with a Men’s ‘Oxford’ Strategy

women networking among all men, women networking

Networking is a contact sport of opportunity; that if honed, can be an effective and powerful dexerity.

I experimented by inserting myself into the exclusive good ‘ol boys networking club — without being overly contrived, and still maintaining my professionally feminine prowess. Because women have to work harder, smarter and keener; to be taken seriously to be openly welcomed into MAN’dom, without being labeled as a temptress of sorts. We’re entering his world, and he’s wondering what your motives are?

Some of the best deals are made while networking, jobs have been acquired soley due to networking, amazing-balls connections have been made because of networking. Being in the right place at the right time, can be attributed to networking.

I want to share with my female readers, my experiences and tips on how to successfully penetrate the Testosterone Force field of Male Networking.


Women Smoking CigarsI’m not a smoker; however, if you’re not a smoker either — the socially occasional (2 or 3x’s a year for me) cigar is acceptable. Smoking a cigar is a culture in itself, that exudes an air of class. You’re going to stand out, which is what you want.

CigarWoman.com says, “She is someone who is self-confident, secure and ready to fly in the face of the criticism of her family and friends. She is prepared to present herself with a prop, that at the very least will draw attention, if not conversation. She is armed with a keen, incisive mind that will deal with the comments, criticisms, stupid questions, cat calls and plethora of come-ons that she will attract, as she draws on her smoke. She holds her head high–she puffs deeply–she smiles slyly, knowing that she ultimately has the upper hand. She doesn’t care about breaking a few rules…” “…They know these women just might rock their world!”

I patronized Havanna Social Club in Victory Park recently for the sole purpose of networking, I kept my eyes peeled and ears open. I was ear-hustling the bro’s conversation, and I overheard football jargon & Green Bay Packers, that’s when I made my entry into their conversation. (I enjoy football)

Some days after, I entered another cigar lounge — just to peruse — engaging the sales person with poignant stogie questions. One of the gentlemen in the lounge overheard me; he introduced himself, and he engaged me in some business opportunities. BOOM!

Women and FootballSPORTS

Most men love sports — makes them feel whole…lol. They also love and appreciate women that can enjoy sports as well. Connecting with the man is half the battle, when he notices your interest and affinity for the game — everything after is seemingly easy.

If you don’t like sports, consider  joining a co-ed sports league to learn the game — and your understanding and appreciation of the game will potentially grow — at least an appreciation for it will.

My love of football grew when I joined with some friends a co-ed touch-football league. Same with soccer, I begrudgingly played in college, for one of my courses, and I still did not understand or appreciate it. Not until, I joined a co-ed soccer league, and I had a heck of a time. Still got my socks, cleats, my blue shin guards and cute shorts. 🙂



This is a MAN’S dress shirt and a MAN’s suspenders

Women can make men’s clothing and accessories look so damn good! Men’s Dress Shirts, Ties, and even Suspenders — women can wear these items and make them look extremely sexy.

But what’s the one thing that men have to do? …SHOP for clothes? So, why not meet them where they are? Here’s the caveat… You should approach HIM and have a conversation. They will be more apt to interacting with you in their environment.

There you have it ladies! Men… I’d love your feedback. Am I on the right track?



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