Free Iced coffee, Tea, Soda and Lemonade for a whole week!! @Seattle’s Best

I’m sipping as we…. *sllllurp* speak 🙂

Seattle’s Best, this entire week is giving away FREE Iced Coffee, Tea, Soda AND Lemonade! I went to order a Birthday Cake Latte (HOT) this a.m., and was offered to try one of its freebie selections. I went with the lemonade — which is so delish (delicious), this promotion is part of its marketing campaign of bringing the Summer Solstice in with a Bang!

TIDBIT: Did you know Seattle’s Best is a subsidiary (aka owned) by Starbucks?! Heck I didn’t know that 6 month’s ago… I patronize this place more than I do the ‘bucks now.

Well, make sure you go get your FREEBIE this week — and thank you Seattle’s Best! Do you have a favorite place to go get your morning drink?

Free Coffee Lemonade Ice Tea from Seattle's Best



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