The Original Cupcakery: Not A First Date Venue… More Like A “I Would Love The Pleasure Of Getting To Know You.” Date Spot!

Today during my lunch break I decided to get to know the neighborhood where I work (I started a new job this week.. yaay!) I walked down the street to a gas station first — essentially I needed to find an excuse to purchase something — when all I really wanted to do was look inside and see what I could see.

After my gas station peruse, I walked across the street — where I found a myriad of other food places, and I already knew I wanted to stop into this cupcake shoppe named The OriginalCupcakery, because I pass it on my way to and from work. I walk-in and I get a Modern -80’s Whimsical feel to the cupcake shoppe. The walls are filled with photographs of notables and celebrities who have graced the quaint shoppe with their presence.

The shoppe employee was assisting another customer when I walked in — and I couldn’t help but overhear his fun, quirky, upbeat QUEEN personality. I liked him before I even uttered a word to him 🙂 When he finally got to me — I told him I needed a moment to salivate over which cupcakes I wanted, because they all looked do thecupcakerydallasdelicious! When I finally decided, I wanted some mini’s, because I didn’t want to get just one large cupcake, and then hate it, but he gave me two additional mini’s to try. We chatted and got to know each other — we talked about my work background, my new residency in Dallas, and how he’s been here 30 years, and he gave me his unfiltered subjective assessment of my new town.

The Original Cupcakery is the perfect place to come and have a few cupcakes and champagne with your girls or someone who you would like to get to know better — it’s the perfect backdrop to just sit and take-in uptown Dallas. Having a cupcake is an experience that should be respected — you’ve heard of The Food Networks Show Cupcake Wars?? Cupcakes are fun, endearing, sweet, sophisticated, the experience should be savored, and they make fun gifts! I will definitely be back, and I’m so excited to try my cupcakes!

My selections:

  • Lemon Berry
  • Mound of Joy
  • Tickle Me Pink
  • Lemon Creme



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