Women… We Love Attention. Especially, When….

…when we’re not intentionally seeking it out. So, there’s this guy I was introduced to a few months ago. He worked everyday.. ALL DAY (he’s a salesman) and I get it… No, actually I don’t fully understand it or get it, because he pursued me, and I assumed he wanted befriend me and feel me out. That’s how we met, he came to the house and magnificently sold us on what he was selling.

Well… our engagement soon fell flat, due his aggressive work schedule. Sometimes he would call in between appointments, and every once in a while he would call late at night — which is when he got in. The slowed and eventually ceased, I didn’t call, and that was that. I didn’t call because I didn’t know what we’d talk about anymore — or I just didn’t have much interest in him.

But this is only the beginning of what I dread according to MadamNoire.com and its Dating Truths No One Likes To Talk About. Crap! …lol

Fast forward two months later, he comes knocking at my door (literally) The dog is barking uncontrollably — I couldn’t tell the little fucker to shut up, because this person knocking at the door would have heard me. I didn’t answer, because I didn’t initially know who it was at the door — until he walked away and I saw him. I had a smirk-smile on my face asking myself — why is he here???

Why Is He Here?


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