I Auditioned To Be One Of The #MyBlackIsBeautiful (#MBIB) Ambassadors

The Procter & Gamble’s #MyBlackIsBeautiful Movement is currently on the search for 6 dynamic sistah’s who can put their best foot forward and exhibit true beauty inside and out.

I said to myself WOW… this sounds like Sabrina! So I went to the myblackisbeautiful.com website — reviewed the questions, and began to write my answers in Google Drive.

Only problem was, when I began to enter in my answers, the text forms said 500 limit — I thought it meant 500 words, not 500 characters. Bummer. Because I spent all day writing out what I really wanted to express to them about why I would be a great one of the 6 Ambassadors.

So, my answers in their entirety BELOW! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!? WOULD YOU VOTE FOR ME?

If I am selected to in-person interview, I’ll letcha’ know! Wish Me Luck!


MBIB Ambassador Search Team

  • Describe how you have been involved in volunteer, community service or community outreach within the past 12 months. (If you have worked with a charity, nonprofit group or other organization or institution, please do not include its name.  However, you may describe its function.)

Before I made the decision to relocate from Wisconsin — I served on the board for the Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals, as its Social & Cultural Chair, Public Relations & Marketing Chair, and lastly its Vice-President.

When the organization would host workshops, conferences, and networking events — people would frequently make mention of “…Sabrina, you really know how to work a room.” I so loved that, because I made it a point to engage each and every person that came to the event. I wanted them to know why the NUL was so important to me, and the Milwaukee community. Adjectives that people would often use to describe our interaction, were charismatic, authentic and passionate.

I gather the word ‘charismatic’, because I wanted people to feel why it was such an empowering organization that I dedicated myself to. “Authentic”, because no one ever wants to feel like they’re talking to a salesman — trying to get their membership fee. “Passionate”, because people instantly knew my heart was in this organization and immersed in my community. I wanted people to understand that without telling them… and how being a servant leader; someone that values relationships and helping others was more than a resume-filler — it was a lifestyle, and soon my brand.

Volunteerism is my life.. it has cultivated me into the person that I am now, which is why I deem myself as a “Urban Leaguer’ for life”. I am motivated to work alongside organizations that are in alignment with my personal and civic goals.

Over the past year, in Charlotte, I was a member of the Urban League of Central Carolinas Young Professionals. I volunteered countless times with Hands On Charlotte programs, specifically its Fun Fridays with Greater Enrichment, The Relatives Crisis Shelter; that provided a safe location for youth ages 7-17, Annual MLK Day Training & Prep. I also volunteered with the Freedom School Partners: Summer Reading Program for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

Since recently relocating to Dallas, I am still learning where I want to immerse myself. My first volunteerism project was at The Stewpot: A resource & food center for Dallas homeless — I served on my birthday. I also joined WIMMI (Women In Media Mentorship Initiative) planning committee for Dallas, and I am helming the Dallas chapter of Beautiful Brown Girls. Right now, I’m just getting to know Dallas, and where I fit civically.

My desire is to make a positive and direct impact in the community that I can call home; in which I live, work and serve.

  • Can you embrace the idea/effort that a beautiful future starts with you? If so, how can you help inspire young girls to believe they are beautiful and that they can achieve anything?

Absolutely. I can help inspire young girls believe that they are beautiful by educating them on the fight against colorism. I would help the girls understand their experiences, and the attacks on women of color — and why they should embrace the skin that they are in! We’d talk about their insecurities, and help uplift and encourage them by reinforcing why they are inherently beautiful. I would encourage them to make confidence an accessory… yes — they can wear confidence in fierce fashion. I would encourage them to seek out a mentor in someone they admire — whether they know them or not.

  • Do you consider yourself to be a positive role model?  Why?

Yes, I consider myself to be a positive role model because I have my love & faith in God — it’s unrelenting, I never give up when situations get bleak, and they have gotten bleak, but I love me more for it, because I kept going and became a stronger person for it. I’m educated, savvy and personable, these are things that I don’t need to profess in a crowded room, because I KNOW and BELIEVE it. And the people in my company believe it too, because it’s my aura and in my decorum. I’m a constant student of life and I continue to work toward a better me, while inspiring people in my life along the way.

I have a genuine interest in people when I talk with them, and I am amazed and even humbled by the people that I meet, and how they are willing to invest in me, help me, or even vouch for me, based on our first or second interactions — that’s the kind of person I am proud to be, that’s the energy that I put out, and that should be something to model.

  • Do you welcome the opportunity to connect and celebrate with like-minded women around shared experiences and perspectives?  Why is uniting one another to be our best selves important?

Definitely. That’s why I took the initiative the helm the Dallas chapter of Beautiful Brown Girls @ beautifulbrowngirls.com. As I grew older, my friendships changed, people changed, and I’ve moved to two different cities; thus, I want to meet new genuine girlfriends. Why is uniting one another to be our best selves important? I’d like to reference this quote that I used when I had to create a content calendar for this brand.. and I held onto it, and used it for beautifulbrowngirls.com

“…one of the best things she could do for her health is to nurture her relationships with her girlfriends.”

“Women connect with each other differently and provide support systems that help each other to deal with stress and difficult life experiences.” – head of psychiatry at Stanford

  • We believe women come in all shapes, shades and sizes and are collectively beautiful.  Please share how you feel they are also uniquely beautiful.

…Our presence and how we represent ourselves make us beautiful. Is SHE loud? But ecstatically quirky. Is SHE an introvert, but gives hilarious quips. Is SHE an odd beauty (i.e. tracee ellis ross), but very attractive. Is SHE full figured? But can still slay a size zero on her worst day. We all have something unique about us that should be celebrated, embraced and loved.

  • We are looking for women who embrace their own unique beauty inside and out. Describe how you constantly strive to put your best foot forward in life’s situations.

I strive to put my best foot forward in life’s situations by always aspiring to something, or looking forward to something — I’m never stagnant in tumultuous situations. I start each day fresh, and keep my eye on my goals. It may sound cliche, but it’s true. I need something to aspire to, and it helps me get through life’s situations. And I always keep in mind the people who love & care for me (family & friends) because they want me to succeed and be happy.

  • Do you have a social media network? If so, please share the number of your followers/friends for each of these channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Yes. Twitter; 1,200k followers, Facebook; 474 friends, no followers (per my discretion) LinkedIn; 741 connections, Google+ 85 in their circles, Instagram; 18 followers (I’m not very active on Instagram) My Blog; 1,234 followers, Vine; 39 followers (I’m not very active on Vine) Foursquare; 51 friends.

I don’t try to be active on all the social networks, I found the ones that I enjoy and I give the most effort to those properties; however, I keep the others properties i.e. Instagram, Vine, and I contribute to those to stay on top of tech.


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