Let’s Stay Together Love Tour Makes A Stop In Dallas! (#LSTLOVETour) However, Nooo.. I Wasn’t Reeeaaaddy (In My Kevin Hart Voice)

LSTPaulCBrunson On Monday, March 31, renowned Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson in partnership with BET, will make its stop in Dallas for the “Let’s Stay Together” Love Tour! When Paul made the tour announcement on his facebook page — I seen the post like 3-hours later — I was excited, yet hesitant to RSVP for the flow dating event in Dallas. The reason that I was hesitant, is because I am not ready to date in Dallas just yet — my feelings are that I want to be a successful single, before I can be a successful dater (my personal qualm). As a result, I began to feel as if some fairy on my shoulder was whispering in my ear “go ahead Sabrina… RSVP… you never know what God has planned for you.” So I filled out the RSVP… I pressed SUBMIT… then nothing, so I tried it again… pressing SUBMIT… nothing. Oh well.

In the back of my mind I was secretly hoping the event would be sold out, so that I could continue coercing myself into thinking “you’re not ready to date, because of yadda yadda yadda…“. Now I can make a feigning fuss about it being sold out ..LOL!!! 😛 And I did…lol But after it was really sold out… I was back to coercing myself into thinking that I wanted to go…lol SO INDECISIVE.

Today Paul Carrick Brunson posted a video from the #LSTLOVETour in Atlanta, and by the looks of it — the flow dating event is AMAZING-BALLS, I felt like I was there!!

I’m excited for Paul, because I am enjoying just watching Paul Win! I’ve been a fan of Paul Carrick Brunson the Matchmaker since he started producing the OneDegreeFromMe Modern Day Matchmaker videos on Youtube. One of my favorite video’s to watch for a long time was the Modern Day Matchmaker Ep. #14, with him schooling men on how to plan a simple date with a woman, so that men can get to date No. 2.

Paul Carrick Brunson & Sabrina @ It's Complicated Charlotte

Paul Carrick Brunson & Sabrina @ It’s Complicated – Charlotte

My exciting consolation for not being able to attend the FREE SOLD OUT #LSTLOVETour Dallas event on Monday?? It was an e-mail from his staff offering me a complimentary entry into his exclusive matchmaking database from his agency. As a member I’ll receive expert dating advice from Paul himself, as well as dating referrals from his agency! *The email is SAVED*

As for my dating precept in Dallas… I’m slowly changing my sentiments, because… I do get approached by men here, and I’ve engaged in conversations with said men — and at some point, I will have to submit — the prospect of love is beguiling.



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