Nick Cannon’s ‘Whiteface’ Satire …is Offensive!?! REVERSED, ‘Blackface’ Satire Deemed Oversensitive?? …is Dismissed.

Nick Cannon white persona, Connor Smallnut

Nick Cannon posted a photo of himself in ‘whiteface’, apparently as a publicity stunt for his upcoming album, ‘White People Party Music.’. Nick Cannon got slammed with ire on the internet for doing what many ‘people’ deem offensive, it’s been labelled “racist,” “ignorant”; however, I find it extremely perplexing that when white teens, and white college students do ‘blackface’ without regard and malice, or a “F” to give, and they consider that funny, but when it’s reversed — it’s considered OFFENSIVE?!? And now he’s being barraged with hate and calls for boycotting?? I can’t wrap my head around it.

My first reaction, was laughter — quite a few chuckles actually… I initially thought of the SNL ‘White Like Me’ Skit with Eddie Murphy, going undercover as a white man in ‘whiteface’ — I didn’t give the Nick Cannon publicity stunt a second thought.. it was a joke.. and I can laugh at a joke for what it is. A joke that was done without malice, and hate, a joke that was done with regard. A joke done in great make-up and good taste in my opinion, he’s not making a buffoonery out of the character.

Google Whiteface. Now Google Blackface.

When did it become so complicated?? Did the 1986 Film ‘Soul Man’ offend people too? There was controversy, but despite the controversy, the film was a box office success. I thought it was funny, I still do.

Did the Wayans brothers’ film ‘White Chicks‘ offend? The film grossed $113,048,997 worldwide.

People need to pick their battles, and understand the core of the ‘joke’ because everything isn’t done out of malice and hatred — and something as diminutive as a vanilla wafer dipped in chocolate will always offend someone. In fact, I didn’t take offense to Julianne Hough Dressing As Crazy Eyes For Halloween — not in the least, I thought it was cute. Because there was no malice! AT ALL!!

Or even Robert Downey Jr…

Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder… WAS HILARIOUS!!! “I’m the dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude!”

Think before you castigate someone…  for their ‘blackface’ or ‘whiteface’ ….think of their intent. Is it meant as a joke, celebration, malice or hate? Because there is always a DIFFERENCE.

Nick Cannon said the same thing “There is a big difference between Humor and Hatred.”




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