Congratulations to Livingstone College for its CIAA Basketball Tournament Championship – My HBCU

Congratulations to my alumni Livingstone College for clinching its first CIAA Championship with an 83-68 win over Winston-Salem State University CIAA #CIAA2014 #HBCU.

Livingstone College

I attended Livingstone College, and it was the best black (HBCU) college experience for me. I didn’t know much about black colleges, until I started researching in high-school. Most people don’t know; that I applied, and got accepted into The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, but I choose LC. I made some good friends, experienced an overwhelming sense of comfort on an all black campus — this level of comfort I had never experienced. I felt beautiful…like really beautiful for the first time. That’s why I have

PRITLDY on my license plate of my car — it’s a reminder about my black college experience; and how I love & cherish it, and how beautiful I felt among my people.

I had my first good friend, who so happened to be gay; while this isn’t a milestone — being a gay male on a college campus — a BLACK college campus at that — was still very much taboo, and not received well. I had my first major crush on this guy named Woody, who set the standard for the kind of men that I would eventually be interested in — he’s I was introduced to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.! I went through 3 room-mates throughout my matriculation. I met some amazing men friends, whom I called my God Brothers, who I LOVE still — Derric & Erik Whiteside (twins). There’s so much I can type… but I’m going to sit here, and retrospect about so many amazing memories from Livingstone College. LC!!


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