Lights! Smartphone Camera! Charisma! Sabrina Shares 3 Networking Tips In Her Arsenal

Lights! Smartphone Camera! Charisma!

I’m on the networking move! Tonite I will be attending the Women In Media Mentoring event @ Moroch Agency in Dallas, Tex. — and I am excited! I’m looking forward to an evening of cocktails and conversations. Krista Whitley Castellarin, whose linkedin profile says that she’s a former cheerleader, and a MEAN GIRL, (: is tonite’s keynote. yaay!

UPDATE:  No keynote speaker ):

3 Networking Tips Sabrina Has In Her Arsenal

Be Conscious of Your Appearance Walk into the networking event with a positive attitude. Smile; look approachable, and be willing to approach others at the event. The simplest thing you can do — is give away a SMILE to people you come in eye contact with, because smiles… they’re FREE…. give them away! Also: DON’T have poor body language. DON’T cross your arms. And DON’T constantly look down.

Ask a General Question or Provide Comment You are not the only one who may be feeling awkward at the networking event. If you see someone standing there or sitting at a table by themselves, be willing to approach them and simply ask a question or provide a comment that they can relate to.

BE THERE! NO Tweeting. NO Facebook’ing (DO IT AFTERWARD) – Be at the event — take it all in. Because this is a speaker session, they will probably ask at the end of the talk — if there are any questions. Therefore, listen intently, and try to ask a poignant question of the speaker when prompted. This gives you an astute advantage, making you look credible, engaged and someone worth getting to know. Don’t be surprised when you’re approached for networking at the end of the event.

p.s. Your business cards are a given people.

Dueces! – Sab

UPDATE: The way it is formatted on the website — looks like there was going to be a speaker. I should have looked at the posting date closely. I saw the 3 months ago, and 1 month ago, but I just thought that’s when it was updated. My mistake. 😦



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