Dallas’ Beautiful Brown Girl Inaugural Brunch! …the Good Times Got Steam Rolled!

Get it? .. Let the Good Times Roll? …Well It Got Steam Rolled? Well… a steam roller was used…lol But you get what I meant…LOL!

Beautiful Brown Girls Dallas hosted its first inaugural brunch at Max’s Wine Dive. This was a much needed girls time for me, because I’ve been without that having your girls void. I’m in a new city, and I’m trying to make new friends, therefore it was comforting to be among other women who felt the same way. They want to meet other women WHO LOOK LIKE THEM, share their interests, not be judged, and walk into a situation of smiling faces, great conversation & laughter. That’s what I got yesterday afternoon.

Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club @ Max's Wine Dive

Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club @ Max’s Wine Dive

I met a young lady named Sherryl, who had driven from Ft. Worth, she had such a warm friendly presence to her — I point that out b/c she was the first to arrive. ..and quiet honestly, all the women were just amiable, themselves and fun. Gwen, whom owns her own event planning business — she was the life of the table — I am looking forward to getting to know her. Naz, from my hometown Milwaukee, Gee Gee, was another beautiful brown girl, she was just so stunning in complexion and personality. Christina the Ethopian Attorney, I point that out b/c she addressed her background as such, and she also schooled me on Kwanzaa. Tonya, who is seems like she definitely knows how to have a good time, I’m looking forward to touching back with her. SEE!! New friendships are being made, and I’m excited at the thought. It’s just something about convening over brunch — it relaxes.

That’s why I wanted to be a part of the beautiful brown girls brand and mission. Here’s to more successful brunch’s and events!


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