My Favorite Super Bowl XLVIII Moments

When brands can make fun of themselves… I find it absolutely awesome, because it expresses their ability to not take themselves too seriously. @Radioshack debuted its commercial called ‘The Phone Call’ The 80′s called… they want their store back!?” The brand admits the obvious — that RadioShack’s business aesthetics have been stuck in the past past past for far too long. And they are looking to rectify the situation

Longer Version:

@JCPenny had everyone scratching their heads at the thought of its drunk #socialmedia community manager, having a little too much fun at the super bowl party with some of their incoherent tweets.

Turns out… they were in on the joke all along.  Introducing its #TweetingWithMittens hashtag. Nice one JCPenny .. you had us all snickering.

Speaking of Snicker’ing… The @SNICKERS brand decided to get in on the action

But the one brand we were hoping to top last year’s super bowl tweet was Oreo. Very smart Oreo — leave them wanting more  — and know when and bow out — and they did so, in perfect tactic.

And they did… not a single Super Bowl Tweet *bummer*

Finally..Bruno Mars Halftime Performance ROCKED!!! Proud to say that I already have his amazing album.


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