Is the Art of Thoughtful Gifting Lost? My Gifting Fun.

Anthropologie in NorthPark Center Mall

Anthropologie in NorthPark Center Mall of Dallas

Christmas has past, and everyone has probably gotten what they ‘wanted‘ — and those gifts are awesome — I’m not taking away from them, because there are a lot of things that I wanted too. But as I was shopping for my sister, whom can seemingly get anything she wants at the drop of a dime — it got me to thinking — what can I get my sister, considering my precarious situation, and I can’t afford to purchase her an iPad for leisure…lol. Therefore, I really needed to think about what would be meaningful, and what would be a nice keepsake for my big sister.

I was drawn to one of my favorite stores Anthropologie, because I remembered that I enjoyed the smell of their candles, and how well they permeated. This is very important me, because it sets the tone of the candle whether it’s lit or not.

Second Nature By Hand carved in Viroqua, Wisc.

Second Nature By Hand carved in Viroqua, Wisc.

As I was perusing, I came across the Second Nature By Hand Book-Letter’s — and then I knew the direction I wanted to go-in, with my sister’s gift(s) for her birthday and Christmas.

I began to think of things that would help my sister just relax from a long day at work. She enjoys winebathsfacialscoffee — being a girlie girl. And because she works at a desk/office; I thought, give her something that could bring her some solace at the work place — considering that she sits in this space 40+ hours a week, I believe everyone needs a space that makes them feel comfortable. Several shops in Bishop Arts District, a trip to Michael’s Arts & Crafts, Walmart and Anthropologie — here is my gifting end result.

The gifts were a compilation of thoughtful ideas that I mulled my sister would appreciate.

My Thoughtful Gifts...

My Thoughtful Gifts…

And I wrapped them like this (below)… and since her birthday is on the 23rd of December, and she gets sad when people only buy her gifts for one or the other (Christmas) — I told her that she would open one gift everyday until Christmas. This left her in exciting anticipation everyday 😀 This made me realize how much I miss being the thoughtful gift’er.


After I purchased the book-letters from Anthropologie, I got even more inspired when I visited HoneeBee Gifts website, she’s a gifting connoisseur out of Charlotte, NC.


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