‘Art’ You A Fan of Visual Contemporary? {Sab Into the Arts} (VIDEO + PICS)


I attended #Alivefor35 the Dallas Contemporary Birthday Celebration. It was stellar… I absolutely love art! The weekend was filled with a jam-packed agenda of events, workshops, parties and more; for the art enthusiast — there was something for everyone to enjoy (even a 6:00 a.m yoga that I mulled attending). I enjoy the subjective aspect of art — the feelings that a piece of art can elicit, aestheticly is very captivating to me. NOTE: So, If a gentleman ever wanted take me on a date to an art gallery — he’d score massive cool points! 😀


There was free wine 😀 & spirits, a beautiful crowd of patrons, beautiful art pieces (some questionable art pieces), but that’s the beauty of art… it’s immersively subjective. I also attended a show called “Naked Girls Reading“, the name speaks to the show… the women readers were — in all of their naked glory (some in body paint and/or had sharpie drawings of flowers on their bare breasts). And while with a combination of libations, the art appropriate setting, and the literary works that the ladies were reading — I totally forgot that they were naked. 

To top off the event for me was the food truck @nammitruck waiting outside to bode me a good night-cap of eats! DELISH!! IMG_3497[1]

This was my first night out exploring Dallas, Tex., and as I was driving down 35E toward the Dallas Arts District, near central Dallas I think (toward downtown) — the skyline was so beautiful, that I thought to myself “…that I can’t believe that I am here, I was just in Charlotte a week ago… how beautiful.”  I’m looking forward to this journey.



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