…I Walk Into Church… I Hadn’t Even Made It Into The Sanctuary… and I Get This!

Invitation to dinner or lunch.. in the house of the Lord.

…fam! While most people would be flattered and tee hee’ing from a note like this. I mean… I walked in, got my program; asked where the sanctuary was from the person handing me my brochure, walked in that direction — determined that I did not want to go into the sanctuary in that direction, turned around and ..“hey did you use to work at bank of america?”, asked the unknown gentleman. No… ahhh.. I’m new… I tried to explain, before I was cut off. well..here’s a note for you to read, read it and we’ll talk later”, said the unknown gentleman. Or something to that nature.

I didn’t call him. But it makes me feel awkward, because I want to go back to the church. And while my impression of the congregation has not been marred by this stranger in a suit… it did gave me pause. Did he write this before he even saw me?? Did he really write this note THAT FAST?? Why not talk to me right then? What the fudge?!

What do you think??


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