Road Trip! #CLTtoDFW #NewBeginnings

I have been out-of-pocket since Oct 24th.

I am still tired and fatigued, I feel like I’m being lazy, but I am forcing myself to get up and do-what-I-do. I have interviews this week — and I am butt tired. My silly- over-confident-self wanted to do this by myself (my father asked, my big sis asked to do the drive with) BUT NOOOOO…. I was so confident that I could do this by myself — and I did; however, my body is still regretting it.Β Click here to TrackMyTour!Β — this was more for safety so that my family knew where I was, should something have happened. I prayed before I left and during… I am so glad God had my back. πŸ™‚

I did stop at a motel to rest — I felt like a kid trying to fight its sleep, and I was freaking out and crying. But after I got my rejuvenated rest — I was all good to go and apologizing for crying…lol My Charlotte friend Joe was awesome keeping me focused on the phone.

I didn’t put out a PSA on FB or Twitter regarding my whereabouts or my move, b/c that’s not me.

Thanks for rocking with me!


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