Top 10 Scary Hall0ween Villain’s Growing Up As An 80’s Kid!

Growing up an 80’s kid was fun — Halloween characters and scary movies made my childhood even more eventful. Here are ten scary villains that shaped my perception of all things scary growing up! Starting from the least scary:

10. The Wraith
This was my first introduction as a kid to spirits…good spirits… very Incredibly Good-looking spirits (young Charlie Sheen). I thought he was so cool, and I wanted him to ice more bad guys!

9. Jason Vorhees

8. Freddy Krueger – A Nightmare on Elm Street
If I ever wanted a scary nightmare dream friend… Fred Krueger and his comedic antics would be it. He was all kinds of funny, and while he was scary to some — he wasn’t to me, I just found comedy in his terror. “…you forgot the power glove!” – Fred K.

7. Chucky (Child’s Play)
Remember the “My Buddy” doll? Teddy Ruxpin? Charles Lee Ray has had a strong pimp hand in the voodoo children’s doll arena.

6. Jaws
Ocean Sharks became everyone’s worst fear in the ocean — and it still is! I think they need a great Public Relations team… Shark Week?

5. The Twilight Zone Movie
Flying on a plane during a thunderstorm added another level of nervousness to the flight for me after this movie…lol. It was just something about the real life incorporation to fiction that made the movie all the more scary.

4. Hellraiser
Dude, was a major force to be reckoned with, if you were a believer in Gothic cult type stuff and hell. Well, I believe in hell, but I’m not going there…. AMEN.

3. Candyman
Cabrini Green of Chicago has been torn down, not because of the film though, it’s because it was such a dilapidated housing project. I’ve never said Candyman 5 times… ever… and I will still not say Candyman more than I have to say the word Candyman. I mean, why do I you have to say the name Candyman 5 times anyway? …and do you have to say Candyman… AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

2. Pumpkin Head
Maaaann…this garden creature scared the pure shit out of me! …lo PERIOD! I have yt to return to a pumpkin patch…lol

1. Stephen King’s “It” And the number one scary scary villain is “It”!! I had never been afraid of clowns, until I saw Stephen King put his foot in writing the character “It”. I’m still not afraid of clowns, but after seeing this scary ass movie — my entire perception of clowns changed, and I always look at them with a sharp side-eye. And when I was a kid, I looked up under my bed often and walked far far away from sewage drains.


Special Mention: Mike Myers – I was never scared of this dude, but apparently a lot of other people where. Where you?

What’s your villain memory growing up?

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