{Three Things I Miss}


I’ve had casual friendships here in the city Charlotte, NC — I’ve tried to befriend people on a deeper level of friendship, but it just didn’t pan out. People need and want friends, at least I do.942904_10200543514849459_401908969_n

From people trying to use me —- to her only being available and responding when SHE WANTED TO DO SOMETHINGto men only hitting on me, whilst I try to befriend —- to talking too much about themselves —- to people trying to use me, oh I mentioned that already. Cultivating real friendships in this city has proved difficult for me. Now… thinking about it a little harder —  the ONLY person, whom I can mull as someone that I would consider a good friend in Charlotte, is Emiene — she’s awesome. We did #CLTNOPANTS together, and I called her after my last and horrible would-be date with this guy.

I have a few actual real friends in the Dallas area already, because they are either from Milwaukee or I met them at an Urban League conference, and it’s a good feeling to know that I will have that support system. And I’m excited to meet some new good people.


National Urban Leauge

I am a civil servant of my community, at least I was in Milwaukee..and I tried in Charlotte. I’m also a big proponent of the National Urban League Movement. I was actively involved in the Milwaukee YP Chapter, and I was excited to come to Charlotte, and get to work with the Charlotte YP Chapter — only to fall flat, amid power struggles with the affiliate, whom did not value the YP chapter, bureaucracy, seeing more social than civil, micro management — it was too much bullshit that I refused to deal with as a professional.. and not a professional that needed to be babysat!

I have found other opportunities in the city to volunteer for here and there via MeetUp.com, but none of those opportunities have made my heart sing or made me really want to dive in. When the Democratic National Convention came in 2012, I was all over it, volunteering, getting my name out there — that was amazing!  I am interested in the Junior League, but I haven’t financially been able to join that org in Charlotte, Dallas is in my sites.

Thus, I am really excited to see that the Young Professionals Urban League chapter in Dallas is very active, engaged and involved — the bureaucracy has yet to be known, but I haven’t heard anything from the people I know there. I think I was just spoiled in Milwaukee, by the autonomy and support of the affiliate — OH THAT’S HOW IT SHOULD BE!


Mom & Me Skyping.

Sabrina’s Mom & Sab Skyping

I came to Charlotte, not having any family here — no one even remotely close, and it got lonely. Of course I Skyped with mom, and a few other family members, and they were supportive; however, it’s not the same. What’s good for some, was NOT good for me, I miss having family around, I love my family.

That’s why the decision was a easy to leave for a new city where I have my older sister, cousin, and a few other family members on my mom’s side of the family, that I would like to get to know better.

So here’s to a new adventure that I am scared out of my frikin’ mind about! It’s good to be scared though, because if I wasn’t scared, that would mean everything is business as usual, expecting the same outcomes, and involving myself with the same things — that’s stagnant, it does not speak growth, evolving.

– Sab


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