Fourth Quarter: 3 Interviews in 3 Days, One Packed Week of Jobing Engagement {Wow!}

Sab aming friends for Halloween as Wanita Flintstone

BO, Sab among friends for Halloween as ‘Wanita Flintstone’ RIGHT: Urkel

Fourth Quarter jobing has started off with a blitz for a first down off the second run — and we’re at the 50 yard line.  Translated I’ve shifted my job search efforts to the Dallas/FW area and this week’s traction has been great! There must be some truth to the fourth quarter job hiring trend because this week has been bananas for me. However, my strategy efforts certainly had a lot to do with it, and I’ll share them throughout this blog using Fourth Quarter in the title.

Here are some reference points that I have used in my strategy, and I’ll touch on 1 or 2 throughout each post. If you have questions in the interim tweet me and I’ll give you my thoughts.

    • Research, Reserach, Research
    • Standing Out
    • LinkedIn Networking
    • Social Networking
    • Branding Oneself
    • Authenticity

Standing Out: I am creative by nature.. I love being who I am, and it translating into something fun, unconventional and witty. Here are a few of my creative conquests:

I once created a Google Advertisement for myself and to Jack In The Box

My bottle resume

Missing Piece Puzzle for an agency I’m interested in.

Thank You Note to GMR Marketing Exec & Thank You Note to Goodwill Industries

GMR Marketing Parody Video

My Huffington Post Tweet Content Win

Self Advertisement on My Car

And finally, when I wanted to get the attention of an employer that I was interested in… I did the novel and earth-shattering move…….. of e-mailing them right from their website. I got this idea from a young lady that I was networking with on twitter. It’s a great idea, because how often do people actually use the website as a means of communication? ..I mean really We are wired to think — Apply via their application tracking system, but why not take it a step further and send them a note on the website.

The interviews this weeks went well — I was contacted by one yesterday and turned down, but I’m okay it because it wasn’t something I was really reaching for, and I just applied and they called. The latter 2, yes I am reaching for and I still have a few prospects in the making, due to my networking acumen.

– Sab


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