UN-Polished Nail Salon Promotion Makes a Mess


Polished Nail Salon of Charlotte unleashed its Social Media Marketing Freebie Promotion (June 12-26). The marketing effort from the salon quickly aborted, due to an ‘overwhelming’ response that they could not handle (Did they think only a few women would trickle in?) This flub promotion proved that the fumes from Acetone — went straight to their heads when they concocted this idea.

Polished Nail in Charlotte put together a freebie promo offering consumers free mani’s (manicures) to all whom provided the said post from the site. The freebie was supposed to be a two-week deal on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s, that abruptly ended.

Charlotte Freebie Promotion

Charlotte Freebie Promotion

Once word got out – they changed the terms of the freebie deal to email subscribers only. Offering women a free manicure is equivalent to giving stay-at-home moms a free live-in nanny. You’re going to get an amazing response!!

Freebie Renege

Freebie Renege

Its marketing efforts were gallant; however, it failed (from a Public Relations vantage) because it FAILED to PLAN practically. Social Media is like a wildfire that quickly spreads — how can a business not understand the power of social media when offering promotions? …and a freebie at that!

When they soon changed the terms and offered it to only e-mail subscribers, this perplexed me, because isn’t the point of the promotion to get new subscribers on the email list? I subscribed. And I soon unsubscribed after I saw the “We’re Done with the Promo” sign on the door!

Sign on Door
Looks like I won’t be patronizing Polished Nail Salon.

So here are some pointers for you marketing & public relations people — feel free to comment if I’ve missed anything!


Polished Nail Salon MISTAKES

  • NOT placing initial airtight terms on the on-line social media promotion
  • NOT offering a SHORTER promotion timeline (two weeks are an eternity for a good freebie)
  • NOT updating your marketing on the site or conduit site (via Scoop Charlotte) As of June 17, 2013 @ 9:47 p.m. the online promotion is still up PROMOTING the FREE manicures

PR Opportunity

  • Welcome back those prospects who tried, but weren’t able to take advantage of the promo. Offer a discount on a service to come back, for a certain amount of time. (They’re losing potential new clients and leaving a bad taste in their mouth)
  • Apologize. Apologize. Apologize. Apologize to the women who tried to patronize your establishment via the promotion. DO YOU SEE AN APOLOGY HERE?!

– Sab

UPDATED 6/17/2013:


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