Wisconsin Was Setting in @VW (Volkswagon) Commercial

Wisconsin got a shout…sort of …in the VW Commercial (Get In. Get Happy)  that garnered some controversy — I thought the commercial was gut busting hilarious, but there’s one thing I noticed at the end of the commercial and I’m sure other Wisconsinites did too.

When they asked Dave: “hey dave, you’re for Minnesota right?” and dave aptly responded “yes I, ta land of tin-tousand lakes — da goffa state” …LOL!!

And at the very end when they drive up in the new 2013 Volkswagen Beetle, I noticed the license plate looked very familiar.

VW in Wisconsin

So there you have it! Wisconsin got its fun shout out during the Super Bowl. Cool huh?! Well… people from Wisconsin will find this cool. Commercial below.

– Sabrina


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