My #YourHuffTweet via The Huffington Post Was Winning Tweet!

Can any of your Social Media Marketing connections say they were RT’d by the @HuffingtonPost?? Probably NOT! 😀

I won a #socialmedia #publicrelations contest hosted by the Huffington Post on Twitter!! I feel affirmed by the news website, as someone who loves social media and is astute in public relations — my aptitude has been proven!

So how and what did I win? Quite simple. The Hufftington Post put out a tweet asking its followers the following:

HuffingPostTweet Contest

So I decided to participate… I thought this would be fun, a great way to sharpen my skills and a chance to get RT’d by The Huffington Post. RT = Retweeted: Is a great way to show appreciation for someone’s content, it’s re-publishing something another Twitter user has written.

What makes this contest so great is The Huffington Post hardly ever RT’s anyone, and if it does; they ONLY RT their other Huffington Post aggregate sites (i.e. HuffPostBiz, HuffPostComedy etc. and editors). So that’s why I’m so excited!! They received 100’s of  entries amid their 2.6 million followers and I WON! I had the winning tweet.

HuffingPostTweet Contest (Winner)

Later that evening I checked my twitter — I saw a host of RT’s from others, acquired new followers, acquired favorites of the tweet — I was ecstatic! Feels good to know you’re really good… enough to get a shout from The Huffington Post 🙂

– Sabrina

My Winning Tweet!


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