It’s Sexy Time! – Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale In-Stores December 2!


Ladies & …yes, Gentlemen! – I’ll explain. This is one of my favorite events that happen only twice a year. Victoria’s Secret is for the woman who is glamorousconfidentinspired…and of course Sexy! Gentlemen this is your opportunity to have that special woman in your life feel, and letting her know that she is glamorous, confident, inspired…and of course Sexy!

I used to work at VS (no promo) and my sexy panty and bra game has done a total 180°, because before I was all about the cutesy draws, with the PINK brand.

This is the opportune time to take advantage of VS’s excess of stock, which in my opinion, is high quality! #truth I know we can sometimes gasp at the price of their over the shoulder boulder holder prices, but it’s the sheer quality that drives this specialty retailers prices.

Aside from my go to of the usual cotton $5 for $26, here is some of my fav picks:

Sabrina’s fav VS Bra’s

  • Very Sexy Push Up Bra: ‘Google’ Images: Victoria’s Secret Sexy Seduction Bra
  • Body By Victoria Push Up Bra

Sabrina’s fav VS Panty

  • Sexy Little Things Lace Trim Cheeky Panty
  • Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Hiphugger Panty or Thong

Gentlemen this is a no brainer! Your lover boy points will shoot through the roof!

Ladies, if you love feeling sexy all the time — a bra and panty therapy session will get you there. I’ll be there! – Sab


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