Democratic National Convention Days away!

Exciting News!! I will be working with the Digital Team for the #DNC2012 (excited). This will be opportune for me to showcase once again my social media acumen among others — which is impart is why I was selected :-). Continuing in my endeavors of seeking FT employment opportunities here in Charlotte, while I consult. If you remember, I also participated in the DNC’s first ever #TweetUp for the Keys. Therefore, I implore you to follow me on twitter @Sab_1908 — if you’re not in Charlotte or you can’t make it to the convention and you want to get a fun take on convention happenings, Sab’s your go to girl.

The convention, which starts in 8 days from today Sept. 4th – 6th will be the first time the state of North Carolina has ever hosted an event of this magnitude. So you can feel the excitement festering among its citizens.  However, I will partake in opportunities leading up to convention.

My first possible stop will be tonite with GO CLT Happy Hour

Featuring Mayor Anthony Foxx and Former Mayor Richard Vinroot. bringing together Mecklenburg County Young Democrats and Mecklenburg County Young Republicans in support of the Charlotte in 2012 Convention Host Committee.

– Sab


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