Ask A Sista – Sistas’

These ladies are a refreshing look into the new socially conscious & astute sista’.  The word sista’ for some, was once mis-perceived as the militantly-dominant, attitude-bearing, neck-rolling sista’.  These ladies fuse together the right dose of musing in politics, policy, pop-culture and humor and they do it via 21st century technology. Every Sunday, @DrGoddess @thefriendraiser and @ch3ryl convene by way of Spreecast in front of a virtual audience and talk about important topics from the previous week.  Their topics range in the realm of politics, policy and pop-culture. So, whether it’s figuratively snatching someone’s wig for their ignoramus comments and/or idiot gaffe’s to the world, or shedding light on the stories that mainstream media advertently didn’t want to report on, in the same token, hot media topics from the week — these ladies; together with their virtual audience, do not hold back and they do it perfectly.

I’ve watched and/or participated in their Spreecast’s 3x now, and I can tell you, that I learn a great deal more about politics from a woman’s POV. It’s not the typical political rhetoric that I have become numb to — and they don’t just “talk at” their audience. However these women engage in funny, interactive and intellectually stimulating muse — that for someone like me, who isn’t as savvy into politics… it’s refreshing.

Take a look at some of their previous Spreecast sessions and you will quickly learn why these ladies are becoming the new “It” girls of the Black Blogsphere. Make sure you tune in every Sunday @ 7pm EST!

– Sab


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