Grassroots Smile for Me Spf15 Lip Conditioner with Vitams A, C & E

Ladies & possibly gents. I wanted to boast about a product that I have been using for the past few months. I honestly can not tell you where I received this lip balm – or who gave it to me as a gift, because I never purchased this.

Grassroots Smile For Me Lip Conditioner literally MAKES ME SMILE because this is the best lip balm / conditioner / treatment that I have ever used. This lip conditioner contains Sweet Almond and Shea Butter that makes your lips feel oh-so amazing!! Unlike some lip balms that contain salicylic acid so that our lips peel, so that we can keep applying it. NOT SMILE FOR ME! Your lips feel absolutely kissable.

I also read it’s a good cuticle conditioner — I wouldn’t know — the bottle is too small for me to waist it on my

It’s not expensive ladies. It retails on-line at about $4.99. My rationale is if you’re willing to purchase the Burts Beeswax lip balm — then your pockets can certainly tolerate this peace of lip heaven. You’ll love SMILE FOR ME!! I promise!!

Where can you purchase it? Retailers like – Sab


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