Girlfriend Time @ the Museum

Malcom X diary

Yesterday I went to view the “America I Am” exhibit at the Harvey Gantt Museum (Tavis Smiley) with a girlfriend. There was such a myriad of information that I was taking so long, because I wanted to take it all in. For those that are new to my blog I am currently career searching, and I realize that because I am currently career searching — that sitting in front of the computer and going to a host of networking events will not help me keep my sanity during this time. Nor will it get me any closer to securing my role. My dream of a job that is Sabrina. [Reference: Never Allow Anyone To Rob You Of Your Dream!] But what will help are friends and family as your support system.

Everyday I feel like that day will be my day of deliverance — the day that I will grab hold of my dream, which is to work for a company/agency/organization that is totally befitting for me. And if you’ve been following my blog you will know and understand what I am striving for. 🙂

The museum was great — I snapped a few photo’s — even though I was not supposed to 😛 But hey it was a cool history that I needed to document for myself to reaffirm my memory. My friend enjoyed it as well. Here’s an interesting factoid: cowrie shells, were once used as currency and for slave currency. …yet a lot of African-Americans among others wear them in their hair now. Something to think about.

Play Date Color by Essie

My girl — it’s funny how much we have in common — especially when it comes to our nail polish. I was making reference to the color I currently had on and she knew right away, actually she blurted out what the color was before I finished…lol (Play Date) We both had a good laugh at the moment, because we both have a girlie thing for changing up our nail colors. We also have Starbucks in common, but I think she’s more obsessed than I am. 🙂

Overall, It was a fun day of relaxing and girl chat and catching up. Those are the little things that I appreciate. Especially being new to the city and still trying to “make friends” and still trying to settle and make Charlotte my home. Because I don’t feel that way right now. We now should plan our next outing at the eastern beach, because I need it. Just a day of relaxing 🙂

– Sab


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