My Resume Blunder

Today I am feeling really bummed. Because I submitted my once flawless resume entailing typos yesterday and today *dun dun duuuunnn* 😦 … to one agency that I have been pining over for years. 😦 My resume has been my pride, because I put so much time and effort into it. So this week I’m reading this article about changing the objective portion of your resume — I don’t call it the objective I just have my verbiage there — and I decided to change it. I changed it — looked it over spell checked it. But there were not any spelling errors just the actual word used.

I had indispensible; which is actually a word, but I should have had “indispensable” — I had “worth ethnic” instead of “work ethic”.

I am so traumatized because this has never and I mean NEVER happened to me! ..of the many shots that I have at making a great first resume impression — I fuck up — I fuck up in a major way! Not sure how I am going to recover from this, but I will. Lesson learned… and I KNOW THIS! I proof read my damn press releases backwards to catch stuff like this. SO WHY NOT NOW?!! *Shamefully I’ll admit… I was rushing b/c it was the agency*

This agency is still top-of-mind for me as it has always been. I just know that my attention to detail is something I have to work on, I’ll acknowledge it. But I am much stronger in other areas. I just fucked up badly and I’m upset at myself. My resume has been my pride b/c it’s different I know it is. Different how? The format is to die for…lol It get’s me in the door a lot– just off my format. #lessonlearned

If you were really upset and hard on yourself — what have you done to regroup?

– Sab


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