Wine Meets Grill

Wine Meets Grill via Earthfare

It’s summer, which can mean only one thing…your customers are firing up the grill! But the task of choosing the right wine to pair with a grilled feast is enough to char your brain. When faced with this question from your favorite customers, here are a few quick, basic pairing tips that are sure to make any cookout a success!

Zinfandels are red wines that pair well with a variety of red meats. Their acidity, bold flavors and ripe tannins combine with the meat’s fats and juices to enhance the flavor of both.

Merlot is a fruit-forward wine that pairs well with spicy grilled foods. If your grilled chicken or pork chops pack a heaty-punch, try pairing them with a Merlot to soften the blow.

Pinot Noir is one of the friendlier varietals of wine when it comes to pairing – it’ll play nice with just about anything. If you’re overwhelmed in the wine aisle, it’s always a safe bet. Grilled fish fares especially well in the presence of a Pinot Noir.

Chardonnay tends to taste best when combined with creamy, buttery foods. Pair a chardonnay with grilled fish or chicken served with a creamy sauce.

Sauvignon Blanc is known for an herbaceous quality that makes it an ideal partner for Italian dressings or citrus marinades. Veggies in herbs (especially roasted peppers) combined with Sauvignon Blanc makes for an unbeatable combination.



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