Football w/ #MKEtoCLT

I had a fun afternoon with my new #MKEtoCLT connection watching football (Packers vs Panthers), Green Bay Packers defeated the Carolina Panthers 30-23.

I met a gentleman via Twitter @YTilt and he’s from Milwaukee too — Yaaayy…right?!! Super excited to meet someone else from Milwaukee, but the best part was …is that he was super cool 🙂 That’s always a plus, everyone that I’ve met in Charlotte via Milwaukee have all been super cool — whether it’s in person or via Twitter! It’s definitely something about this city that brings out the Crazy. Sexy. Cool…in all of us. This is a place I’ve longed to be, and now that I’m finally here and loving every moment, there are limitless possibilities.

Check out his love for the Green & Gold (some say Yellow) Cool huh?! He says @idewpr bought it 🙂

Milwaukee to Charlotte Peeps!: @704eventsdotcom |  @idewpr | @notsoplainjane2 | @Ytilt



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